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Cookbook Review: Jo Wheatley - A Passion for Baking

Tuesday 26 June 2012

“I'm a huge fan of Jo and can't wait to devour this book!” declares Nigella on the cover of Jo's book, high praise indeed, which is thoroughly deserved!

Jo Wheatley was 2011's Great British Bake Off winner and she blogs at Jo's Blue Aga.  I tweet with Jo, she is truly lovely, very friendly and down to earth.  She is also a busy Mum, like most of us are.  Once her book had been released I raced out to buy it, available exclusively at Sainsbury's, for £8.  It is such a brilliant bargain!  I love Jo's book and it will no doubt be at the front of my (severely overcrowded) bookshelf for a long time.  

Jo has written a fabulous book which shares her tips, tricks and family recipes which she has developed in her own kitchen. It really appeals to me as a busy Mum of 3 and enthusiastic baker.    There are more than 100 recipes in Jo's book and I shall be baking a good many of them, they all look delicious.

Who would the book appeal to, and who would/should you buy it for?

From beginners to keen bakers, if you’re in the mood for baking delicious treats, then this book is for you.  It has a recipe for everyone and every occasion.  With over 100 recipes in the book you’re pretty much guaranteed to find loads of recipes that you would like to try.

Are the recipes easy to follow?

There’s a thorough introduction where Jo advises on her must have storecupboard ingredients and equipment as well as trouble shooting tips for novice bakers.  The recipes are really clear and easy to follow. 

There are seven chapters in the book:





Baking with Children

Afternoon Tea

Family Cakes


Celebration Cakes


Bits and Bobs

The recipes have been adapted and amended over the years and at the top of each recipe Jo tells the reader where the recipe came from or what inspired her to make it.  The book is also packed with beautiful photos, hurrah! There are so many baking books that don't have enough photos in them.  I like to know what things are meant to look like, especially if I’ve not baked that particular recipe before, and love photos that lure me in and make me want to bake the recipe.

Is the book family friendly?

Absolutely!  It’s the epitome of family friendly cooking, there is even a Baking with Children chapter. Jo is a busy Mum so you know that she would create recipes with families in mind.  It isn't Mumsy though, there are loads of recipes to WOW your friends with as well as feed hungry family members.

Would I buy it for a friend or family member as a gift?

I already have! LOL All of my friends love this book and are dropping big hints when their birthdays draw near.  I have lent the book to a couple of friends and have almost had to pry it out of their hands to get it back.

How do I rate this book?

Definitely 10/10!  Fab recipes, great advice and loads of gorgeous photos.  Can't beat it!


  1. As a cookery book addict, this one sounds like a definite to add to my collection! Great review x

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely review, I'm totally thrilled that you like my book xx

  3. The book looks fab and I'll definitely be buying a copy. Loved watching Jo on the Great British Bake Off. Hope she sells lots:)

  4. just ordered it cant wait for it to arrive :)


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