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Onepot Cooking Masterclass with Marco Pierre White

Friday, 8 June 2012

Knorr Stockpots which were used in the Masterclass and which I use at home
I've cooked with the lovely Marco before, it was the first ever PR event I was invited to.  You can read about it here.  I was SO nervous and maybe slightly terrified.  I needn't have worried though.  He was really lovely, the event was relaxed, and the PRs were fab. 

Neil and Jen - the PR Dream Team!
I now know the PRs really well, have been to many more events, and this time when I was invited I wasn't nervous at all - just rather excited LOL

The Masterclass we were invited to this time was Onepot Cooking. I love Onepot Cooking because it saves on washing up and most dishes cooked this way are warming and comforting. Perfect for a rain battered, gale force wind filled May and June ;o)

Marco, as always, was amazing and gave us loads of cooking tips and tricks!
The Masterclass was once again held at Stamford Bridge, yup the football ground, home of Chelsea Football Club.  Marco's restaurant is really glamorous and gorgeous - as you would expect.

We had a cuppa and a delicious pastry in the restaurant before the Masterclass started.

Once we had been fed and watered it was time to start the Masterclass.  We all watched intently as Marco explained his recipe for Pumpkin Soup, using  Knorr Stockpots.  The secret is to use freshly prepared carrot juice as it brings out the sweetness of the pumpkin.  Don't use carrot juice in cartons or bottles as the ingredients they add to stop it oxidising alters the flavour.  You will need a juicer.  Unfortunately, I don't have one! (HINT!) 

Marco often uses juices in his stews and casseroles - prune juice in his Guinness and Beef Stew, apple juice with Slow Roasted Pork Belly and of course carrot juice in his Pumpkin (or Sweet Potato) Soup.  The juices help build and balance flavours and add sweetness to the dishes making them flavoursome without being heavy.  Great tip from Marco!

Marco telling us how to make Pumpkin Soup his way

As Marco was showing us the recipes he was also writing them down.  You can find his recipe for Pumpkin Soup here.  He also steamed some pumpkin in the microwave then reduced the liquid from the cooked pumpkin.  It was an amazingly sweet syrup which you could use to top a cake or loaf. 

Pumpkin Syrup - so amazingly sweet!
Once the pumpkin soup had been made it was time to devour it taste it.  I had a heavy cold and the pumpkin soup was the perfect warming and soothing starter to have.  It was so smooth and flavoursome, Marco suggests passing it through a fine sieve to give the soup a silky texture.

Delicious Pumpkin Soup with Parmesan
The next dish on the Masterclass menu was Asparagus Risotto, made Marco's way.  He uses the trimmings and woody ends from the asparagus to flavour the stock so that nothing is wasted.  He also blanches the tips separately and serves them on top of the risotto to give it more flavour and another dimension of texture. 

Top tip from Marco:  When your risotto has been made and you add the butter and Parmesan to finish it off, don't stir it straight away.  If you do then the texture will be tight and not creamy.  Let the cheese and butter melt in for a couple of minutes with the lid on and then stir it in.  You'll be able to tell the difference!  You can read Marco's Asparagus risotto recipe here.

The risotto was outstanding! Lovely al dente texture and comforting but not heavy at all

Our last course was a Chicken Casserole which Marco makes using preroasted chickens as the meat is more moist and flavoursome.  You could cheat and use a cooked chook from the supermarket if you were in a hurry ;o)  Marco made a blond roux using stock made with a Knorr Stockpot instead of milk.  You can follow his recipe and make your own Chicken Casserole here.

We were also served a stunning Raspberry Souffle for dessert with hot Raspberry Sauce.  OMGness it was SO absolutely delicious and light.  There were some rather interesting noises being made as we ate it, oh yes, it was THAT GOOD!

The Raspberry Souffle tasted even better than it looked, totally amazing!

I also found out Marco's pet hate in the kitchen - wooden spoons left in pots whilst you're cooking.  We had an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Marco was his usual charming self, very generous with his knowledge and his time. 

Some of us lucky bloggers with the man himself!

Thank you so much to Knorr for the fabulous day, and of course to Neil and Jen who are most lovely too. 

I hope I didn't give Marco my cold LOL

You can find more recipes and cooking tips on the Knorr website.


  1. I absolutely love Knorr stock pots, so handy to have in the kitchen and packed with flavour.

    I've always held off using asparagus offcuts (or any greens really) in stocks, as I think they lend a, well, farty aroma. I'm guessing that wasn't the case here?

    Great stuff Michelle, very jealous!

    1. LOL I know exactly what you mean ;o) Marco only leaves the trimmings and ends in the stock for 5 mins at the most otherwise you get that particular aroma and taste that isn't very attractive. It was a great day and I learned loads.


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