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Apricot Chicken

Sunday 20 November 2016
I was recently asked to create some recipes using delicious tinned fruit, you can check out my delicious dairyfree Tropical Fruit Cake here.  For my savoury recipe creation I decided to make Apricot Chicken, a childhood favourite that my Mum used to make regularly.  She used a packed mix flavour sachet to make hers, and I wanted to see if I could replicate the flavours using store cupboard ingredients.  It took a couple of attempts but I think I managed it, and my family agreed that dinner was delicious.  

This recipe will be added to our Meal Plans for sure, it's flavourful and quick to make, using store cupboard ingredients.  I always have some tinned fruit in our pantry, so handy as it is has a long shelf life, can be one of our 5 a day, and the canning process preserves nutrients from the ripe fruit.

Apricot Chicken 

1 Tblsp Oil
6 chicken thighs, bone in and skin on
2 onions, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp mild chilli powder (use more or less according to your taste)
3 Tblsp tomato paste
2 sprigs fresh thyme, or 1 tsp dried mixed herbs
400g can chopped tomatoes
410g can Del Monte apricot halves in syrup, drained
250ml chicken stock

Heat the oil in a large casserole pan or saucepan and brown the chicken thighs on both sides, remove from the pan and set aside.  Add a little more oil to the pan, if necessary, then cook the onion until soft and starting to turn golden.  Add the garlic and chilli powder and cook for a minute or so.  

Return the chicken to the pan and add the rest of the ingredients.  Stir well to combine then cover and simmer for 20 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.  Uncover then simmer for a further 10 minutes to allow the sauce to thicken.  Serve with mash or rice and mixed vegetables or steamed greens.

For more recipes, information and inspiration, check out Del Monte's website, Instagram and Facebook.

Food Bank Reverse Advent

Wednesday 16 November 2016
We regularly give supplies to our local Foodbank, usually by adding a few items to our shopping then putting them in the trolley at the collection point in the supermarket.  This festive season I wanted to do something different.  I decided to take part in the Foodbank Reverse Advent, and donating a box of supplies at the end of November.  By donating at the end of November, or early December, it enables the Food Bank to distribute the supplies to those in need before Christmas.

A group of school Mums and I have been putting aside one item each day in November and will be taking our boxes to the local Food Bank at the end of November.  Our local Cambridge City Foodbank also has a Christmas Hamper Appeal which my family and I are also donating groceries to.

The Cambridge City Foodbank want to distribute 200 hampers to needy Cambridge families before Christmas.  So they are seeking 200 people who will fill one hamper each with specific items. If you would like to sign up please email info@ccfb.org.uk

The items needed for the Reverse Advent Christmas Hampers are, one each of the following, in a large carrier bag:

Chocolate Christmas Log or Christmas Cake
Children's Christmas Chocolate (Selection Box)
Fancy Sweet Biscuits
Pringles or similar
Cheesy Biscuits or similar
Tinned Ham
Pickles (Sweet)
Tinned Tuna or Salmon
Chicken Paste
Dried Fruit (Apricots, Pineapple, etc)
Salad Cream or Mayo
Shower Gel or Shampoo
Christmas Crackers

Gather all the items and then drop of them off in the carrier bag on Saturday 10th December from 10am to 2pm OR Tuesday 13th December between 9am and 4pm at:

CCFB Warehouse
Unit 4
Orwell Furlong

Please do give to your local Food Bank if you can, even a few items will make a difference.  There are some local festive campaigns running, do contact organisations in your are to see if you can help out and which items they are in need of.

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