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WW2 Rations Family Meal Plan - Week 2

Monday, 22 June 2015
So far we're doing well with the WW2 Rations Challenge, apart from really missing bananas, peppers, melons, mangoes and avocados.  There are so many delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables available at the moment that doing without imported items isn't too much of a hardship.  I imagine that living on WW2 Rations and seasonal produce over the winter would be considerably more difficult and challenging without the Summer bounty we are able to enjoy.

I must confess I cheated and enjoyed a Chocolate Fondant Pudding with Vanilla Icecream last night.  A 12hr night shift followed by little sleep with 8yo needing an emergency dental appointment meant a pudding treat was much needed and very much enjoyed.

Back on the wagon today though!  Breakfasts will be Weetabix with apple and rhubarb compote and milk or toast with jam.  Packed lunches are ham sandwiches with crudites, fresh fruit salad, and a small baked treat - scones with jam are a favourite at the moment along with Tea Loaf.  Bubs and I will have soup/cooked vegetables and a scrambled egg each.  Weekend lunches will be twice baked potatoes, using some of our cheese ration and some of the bacon ration, and Mini Frittatas using bacon, eggs and cheese from our ration.

After school snacks are Flapjacks or Anzac Biscuits, fresh fruit and a large glass of milk.

I've sourced some beef and pork bones and some chicken frames from a local butcher so will make good use of them this week.  

Our Rations

Or ration allocation is based on a family with 1 adult, 1 nursing mother, 3 children over 5yrs and 1 child under 5 years. I researched several sources to try and find an accurate ration allocation, please do politely correct me if my values are wrong so I can amend them for next week. I've calculated that our rationed food for the week should be as follows:

16 litres milk
460g cheese 
460g bacon/ham 
330g butter 
330g cooking fat 
330g margarine 
1350g sugar 
460g jam 
450g sweets 
100g tea 
Approximately 350g of minced beef or meat of an equivalent value £8.40 for 6 people 
15 eggs 
3 eggs as dried egg powder
We are also allocated points for extra rations and have decided to use our 36 points as follows:

Rolled Oats 1kg = 8 points 
Sultanas 1kg = 16 points
Rice 500g = 8 points 
Green Lentils 500g = 2 points
Red Lentils 500g = 2 points

Thankfully coffee wasn't rationed, hurrah! Neither were fruit, vegetables and fresh fish. Bread, honey and flour weren't rationed either. I am also allowed orange juice as a nursing mother so will have one glass (330ml) per day.


Red Lentil Bolognese with Baked Potatoes and Steamed Greens - using fresh tomatoes instead of tinned.

12 Muffin Tin Chicken Tarts - using the meat from the chicken frames and using half vegetable shortening and half butter in the pastry.

Toad in the Hole using sausages which weren't on ration, served new potatoes and lots of steamed seasonal vegetables

Simmered Mince using our meat ration which will be turned into Cottage Pie, Mince on Toast and Mince and Lentil Hotpot 

The beef bones and chicken frames have made a delicious stocks and will be used for soup, with cooked lentils, for lunch for me and to cook vegetables in for bubs lunches, served with bread and fresh fruit salad.  

Puddings will be Rice Pudding and fresh fruit or fruit compote.

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  1. Honey and fish weren't rationed, but not available in large amounts. Coffee wasn't rationed, because they really didn't have coffee. They had to make do with dandelion root and chicory 'coffee'. Just a note for anyone who might see these posts in the future.


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