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Our Second and Final Organic Meal Plan

Friday, 13 September 2013

I was sent the second and final delivery of organic groceries this week from Organic UK to formulate a Meal Plan from.  Here's what arrived:

I will make a Beef and Vegetable Pie with the diced beef, a Moussaka with the minced lamb, a Courgette and Vegetable Crustless Quiche with the eggs, courgettes, two peppers, and two onions.

Another delicious dinner will be Creamy Courgette, Spinach and Bacon Pasta using the creme fraiche along with the obvious ingredients A Mixed Bean and Tomato Soup will be made using leftover vegetables, the various tinned pulses, tinned sweetocorn and passata and should provide a warming and weekend hearty lunch.

I made a tasty apple and rhubarb compote from apples and rhubarb grown organically in our back garden to have with the yoghurt for pudding and also made Chocolate Pots with the remainder of the yoghurt and garnished them with strawberries.

As I said in my previous post, organic produce is generally too expensive for us as a family even when stretched using a good meal plan.  We will continue to buy organic produce as we usually do, when it is on offer for the same price or cheaper than our usual produce.  Of course growing our own ensures we have a ready supply of organic greens, potatoes, onions, beetroot, carrots, beans, chard and other produce when in season.  My friend has organic free range chickens so we are also able to source eggs in exchange for some of our produce.

Do you buy organic?  Have you substituted some of your regular shopping choices for organic products or produce?  Would you buy organic if there wasn't such a large price difference?

As always my thought is: Feed yourself and your loved ones as best you can with the resources you have.  Spend time together enjoying nourishing food and good conversation, that is what will be remembered.


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