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Sandwich Filling Ideas with Warburtons

Friday, 27 September 2013
I recently had a brilliant time with Warburtons at the fab Food at 52 Cookery School playing around with sandwich fillings.  It was so much fun to be presented with a huge range of ingredients and be able to just create flavour combinations using a wide variety of Warburtons products under the watchful eye of James Ramsden who offered ideas and encouragement throughout the event.

The four 'sandwiches' I created during the morning were:

Beef, Beetroot and Garlic Mayonnaise 

Fresh Figs, Dark Chocolate and Cream Cheese

Marmite, Strong Cheddar and Apple

Grilled Spam, Fried Egg, Lime Pickle and Fresh Coriander

I had a brilliant time at the event, experimenting and chatting with blogger friends old and new.  It was so refreshing to be given freedom to create flavours instead of being led through a recipe as often happens with Masterclasses and events.  

I do try to bake all of our bread, however should I be unable to due to time pressures, I would be happy for my family to use products such as those I sampled at the event instead.  My daughters especially liked the sandwich thins and square wraps which we were sent to review.

** Disclosure:  I was paid to attend the event and had my travel expenses reimbursed.  I also received some Warburtons products to try before attending the event.   I was not required to blog about the event and all opinions are my own.  **


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