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Lactofree Event - aka take your Mum to work evening

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Mum will freely admit that she isn't the best cook in the world and enjoys both eating my delicious meals, and learning a few dishes from me, whenever she spends the summer with us.  One aspect of being a food blogger that I really enjoy is attending Masterclasses and cookery events.  I always learn loads from each one whether it be different techniques, different ways to use ingredients or just tips and tricks to help make cooking easier.  When I was invited along to an event for Lactofree over the summer my Mum asked if she could come along.  I was delighted when the PR confirmed that I could indeed bring along a guest.

My Mum now thinks that being a blogger is the best job in the world, despite having to battle London public transport in rush hour and drag heavy goodie bags home like super fit sherpas.  I must admit blogging is a fun and relatively stressfree antidote to my usual enjoyable yet stressful job and it was fab that my Mum could enjoy a cookery event with me.

We headed along to L’atelier Des Chefs  St Pauls Branch for a Lactofree Cooking Class.  I have been to L'atelier Des Chefs many times before and both the Oxford Circus and St Pauls branches are great venues with staff who are both knowledgeable and lovely.  Lactofree is launching a series of lactose-free cooking classes in partnership with L’atelier Des Chefs which will run from 6th September to 9th November, book online here.

Lactofree is a range of products for anyone who caters for those who are lactose intolerant but don’t want to miss out on eating dairy. Unlike soy milk, almond or rice milk, Lactofree products are still dairy they have just had the lactose removed.  This means Lactofree products still have the same taste as regular dairy products, unlike soy or rice milks which taste vastly different to cows milk.

My Mum expertly preparing scallops, with help from a lovely Chef
Throughout the cookery class we were under the expert guidance of the Chefs from L'atelier Des Chefs and had the chance to cook Pan-fried Scallops with Beurre Blanc, Traditional Pasties, Smoked Salmon Blinis, Chicken Passanda and some delicious cupcakes for a sweet treat.

We had a brilliant time, learned lots and ate lots before heading back home via the Tube and train. It was fab that I was able to let my Mum experience some of what I get up to doing this blogging lark. Mum may now want her own personal Chef! LOL

My Mum and the lovely Randal who taught Mum how to make blinis

Many thanks to Lactofree and L'atelier Des Chefs for their hospitality. I was not compensated for this post (other than an enjoyable evening and a goodie bag) as usual all views are my own.


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