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Monday, 28 May 2012

Coffee Affogato and Coffee Milkshake

I'm taking part in the Coffee Set Match Challenge being run by the sponsors of Wimbledon, Lavazza. With that in mind I made both of these on the weekend when it was ridiculously hot and I needed a cold and refreshing coffee hit.

These treats are really easy to make and very addictive!  I made them using this icecream:

Yes indeed there is an icecream that has Lavazza coffee already in it.  Oh my word, it tastes divine!  I discovered it in my local supermarket when I was helping a friend with her weekly shop.  It was a proper eureka moment.  I knew I had to buy some and bring it home to try and create delicious treats with. 

So here we go! 

Coffee Affogato

This is basically a scoop of icecream with espresso poured over the top.  I added some grated dark chocolate on top of mine.

2 shots (120ml) hot espresso coffee

4 scoops ice-cream

Put the ice-cream into heatproof glasses. Pour over the espresso, grate over some dark chocolate, then serve immediately.

Coffee Milkshake

I used my Morphy Richards Milk Frother to make this.  All I did was put a couple of scoops of icecream into the milk frother follwed by 120ml of espresso and topped it up to the max line with milk (about 200ml - 250ml) then let the frother do it's thing.  You could also make the milkshake in a blender or use a stick blender.

You can add some whipped cream and a strawberry, plus some grated chocolate, on top if you want to make it look summery and lovely.  I did for the purposes of this post, but the ones I have made since went straight down the hatch and didn't touch the sides.  Apologies, I revert to Kiwi when I am crook (poorly) and tired.  UK Translation: These milkshakes are so delicious that I drink them rather quickly.
So there you have it! Two lovely refreshing options for your fix of delicious Lavazza coffee.

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  1. Coffee Milkshake would be an epic dessert for any restaurant. You can count on that.