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My Daddy Cooks Cookbook by Nick Coffer

Saturday 11 June 2011
I have eagerly awaited the publication of Nick's book and was really excited to be offered a copy to review.  To be honest I would've bought one if I hadn't been sent one.  I love Nick's My Daddy Cooks blog as well as his Weekend Kitchen radio show

Nick's book shows anyone and everyone how to cook delicious and easy family meals, even if you have a minute kitchen and your children want to "help".  Nick is a stay-at-home dad who launched a video blog cooking with his son Archie in their tiny kitchen.  From these humble beginnings a brilliant cookbook was written in which Nick shares over 100 tried and tested recipes suitable for both the family dinner table and impressive dinner parties.

My Daddy Cooks isn't one of those cookbooks that you buy and only cook one or two recipes from.  This is a book I guarantee you'll use time and again.  Whether you are a parent looking for inspiration, or just someone who loves good food, My Daddy Cooks provides practical recipes to suit everyone.
If you haven't guessed already, I LOVE this book! Nick's laid back approach to cooking means that you can alter recipes, change quantities, substitute ingredients with whatever you've got to hand and you'll still come out with great food - how many other cookbooks can you say that about?!  There are also no obscure ingredients or complicated techniques, just easy recipes that make great tasting food. 

I cannot praise this cookbook highly enough. I'll be ordering several copies to give to friends, both with and without children.  It's of course available via Amazon and Nick tweeted this week that he'd made the Amazon Top 25. Thoroughly well deserved, he'll be number 1 in no time!


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