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Snacking Scroggin

Sunday, 26 June 2011
I bag up this mix and seal it in individual portions for afterschool snacks or lunchbox treats.  My three daughters love it as the recipe is so easy they can make it themselves.  I'm rather partial to some as a mid afternoon snack.  You can substitute any dried fruits you like if you're not fond of dried apricots or raisins.  If there are likely to be issues with nut allergies, make sure you pick a toasted muesli that does not have nuts in it.  The quantities below make approximately 10 servings.

1 cup plain or fruit flavoured rice crackers

1 cup banana chips

60g (1 cup) shredded coconut

125g (1 cup) dried apricots

125g (1 cup) raisins

2 cups toasted muesli (unsweetened)

4 cups fresh popcorn (unsalted)

125g (1 cup) sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or mixture of both

Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix together well.  Spoon the mix into individual bags and seal as a take along treat, or if you can't wait that long, put into containers and serve.


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