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Share Your Baking Fails and Win With Renshaw

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

We all have baking disasters from time to time.  Recipe development can be a tricky business and for every success there are more than a few failures.  My successful recipe developments are tested thoroughly before I blog them, my failures usually don't make it to my blog.

I did confess a baking failure once though, in order to help others who may have suffered the same fate.  The cake I baked for my middle daughters birthday was taken out of the oven too soon, despite it being put back into the oven it sunk in the middle.  I saved it by stuffing the dent with sweets.  You can read all about the sorry tale here.

Renshaw want to see your baking disasters.  Share your collapsed cakes, bakes with soggy bottoms, lopsided pies, celebrate the imperfections!  There are 4 fabulous £25 Renshaw Vouchers to be won, just share your baking fails on social media with the hashtag #mybakingfail to be in to win.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the heads up - have tweeted a failed victoria sponge! Though I did end up managing to recycle it into small cakes using a cutter and no one guessed! :)


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