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Live Below the Line - Days One and Two

Tuesday, 5 May 2015
I think the key to success for me this week will be organisation.  I am normally a very organised person and am approaching the 5 day challenge in the same way.  I have made the flatbreads, pancakes/drop scones, soup and risotto and frozen them in portions so I have food ready for me each meal time each day.  I will of course make the scrambled eggs fresh each time, and the "hummus" in two batches to keep it fresh, but other than that everything else will be done in advance.

My 10 flatbreads for this week
I showed my provisions and Meal Plan to a friend at work who is a dietician and she said that as I am breastfeeding I would need more calories each day than my provisions would allow in order to maintain a good milk supply for bubs.  She also said a few other words about me being too stubborn for my own good, which I won't repeat here.

We decided that a peanut butter sandwich morning and afternoon, using basics wholemeal bread and peanut butter and a banana each day, would add enough calories for her to be OK with me complete the challenge whilst breastfeeding, along with taking a multivitamin each day to ensure a decent quality milk supply for bubs.  I'll be consuming an average of 1471 calories per day.

My extra provisions
These extra items add money to the total food spend.  I could, I suppose, have counted bubs as a person and spent £10 for 5 days but wanted to be as close to the £5 spend as possible.  The bread, peanut butter and bananas add £1.63 to the grocery total for the 5 days making my spend £6.56.

My revised Meal Plan is as follows:

Scrambled or poached egg on flatbread

Peanut Butter sandwich and a banana

Pearl Barley and Vegetable Soup accompanied by 3 crackers and Mixed Vegetable Hummus

Homemade crackers with Mixed Vegetable Hummus
3 Apple Drop Scones accompanied by an apple on days 1, 3 and 5

My 15 Drop Scones for the week 

Pearl Barley Risotto accompanied by a flatbread

Pearl Barley Risotto, a hearty and filling dinner

Peanut Butter Sandwich

I'll blog the recipes for the Flatbreads, Crackers and Drop Scones tomorrow.

Please donate if you can here: https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/utterlyscrummy


  1. I have to admit that I had worried about the breastfeeding aspect of the challenge, particularly as it's your second week on it. All power to you though.

  2. Makes me proud to be a fellow mummy! Good on you!!

  3. I was concerned too. I am so glad you showed the plan to the dietician and followed advice. Though a week it can still make a huge different to the developing infant.

  4. This is really amazing, when I was breastfeeding I think I consumed about £5 a week just in chocolate!
    Well done, it goes to show that there is no wonder people in the poorest communities end up using formula if they can't nourish themselves enough to make milk.


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