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Live Below the Line - Days 3 and 4

Thursday, 7 May 2015
I am REALLY missing coffee.  I am dreaming about coffee. I have also heard my tummy rumble more in the last 4 days than I have in a long time.  Other than that things are going well.  I have resisted temptation and stuck to my provisions.  Bubs has been teething and awake 4 times a night for the past two nights so I am now counting the hours until I can have coffee.

I helped my children make Banana and Chocolate Drop Scones after school on Day 3 and Apple, Cinnamon and White Chocolate Drop Scones after school on Day 4.  That was hard!  The smell of delicious drop scones cooking, the temptation to nibble on a couple of stray chocolate chips, oh my word it was tough!

Banana and Chocolate Drop Scones, how I wanted thee!
Having my dinner and lunch premade is great, there's much less temptation and it's easier to gobble it down between bubs feeds and naps.  On Day 3 I decided to make eggy bread with my morning allocation of wholemeal bread and use the flatbread to have an open banana and peanut butter sandwich instead. I can see eggy bread being the go to breakfast for my last couple of challenge days.  It felt so much more decadent than scrambled egg on a flatbread.

On Day 4 I used the peanut butter and banana with some UHT milk in a smoothie to tide me over until after the school run when I had more time to make eggy bread.  It meant I could have the flatbread with my lunch along with soup, crackers and hummus.

Eggy Bread for breakfast
Mixed Vegetable Peal Barley Soup for lunch, with a flatbread

Pearl Barley Risorro with flatbread for dinner
Tonight I made my family Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Streamed Greens, Yorkshire Puddings and Gravy. I ate my Pearl Barley Risotto and Flatbread. It was so hard watching them eat a feast whilst I had my carefully measured portion.

At this point I know the end of the challenge is in sight for me.  Many in extreme poverty do not have an choice. That is why we do this challenge as a family and I've taken it on solo as well.  


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