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Actifrydays Challenge - Actifry Kebab

Friday, 3 April 2015
Beef and Vegetables Stir Fry with Noodles, recipe, takeaway, healthy, Actifry Express
Actifry Express XL RRP £249.99

I was recently sent the new ActiFry Express XL by Tefal to try out and asked to recreate one of their recipes, an Actifry Kebab.  Tefal’s have launched an ActiFryDays challenge to encourage us to cook a dish in their Actifry instead of ordering a takeaway.  

Tefal undertook a survey of 2,000 people and found that their favourite takeaway option was Chinese.  Apparently, as a nation we eat 12,000 tonnes of fat each year from takeaways alone, this is of course very worrying as obesity levels are high in the UK population.

Unsurprisingly, according to the survey, Friday is the most popular night when we crave a takeaway.  Unfortunately most of the time we tend to order too much and also ignore the fat and calories in takeaways.  I know that I am always exhausted by Friday so always Meal Plan a low faff option as we can't afford takeaways, either from a financial or dietary point of view.    

I was delighted to be asked to try out the Actifry as it air fries with a very small amount of oil which means dishes are cooked with little added fat and therefore dishes will be much lighter on the waistline and wallet than traditional takeaways.

I cooked the Actifry Kebab and it went down very well indeed with my family.  I amended the recipe slightly as it served 4 and there are 5 of us.  I used lamb instead of veal, added 2 chopped peppers, an extra carrot, added 500ml of passata, cooked the dish for 5 minutes longer, and served the kebab on cooked Basmati rice.  The only preparation is chopping the vegetables and lamb, the Actifry does everything else.  You could serve the kebab in a wrap or with couscous if you didn't want to cook rice.  

We found that the carrot, although it was fairly finely diced, was still quite firm.  I would substitute the carrot for some diced peppers, courgette or aubergine, this would be easier to soften in the cooking time.

The ActiFry Express XL comes with a recipe book filled with delicious ideas which we will try out in due course.  You can cook so much more than chips in the Actifry! That said, we do enjoy some spicy sweet potato wedges cooked in the Actifry and accompanied by a homemade (reduced fat) sour cream and chive dip.

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  1. A healthy kebab, is there such a thing, you've impressed me with your recipe and pics x


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