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Beetroot Smoothie - Jumpstart January

Wednesday 14 January 2015

My daughters have been eyeing up the smoothies I've been having for breakfast and usually have a small serving each.  Having 3 others taste test my creations can be a mixed blessing, sometimes I have to make an extra batch after school so they can have some because it was tasty.  Other times they are less keen, as long as it tastes good to me I'm happy - especially as it means I don't have to share.

They were very curious when I whipped up this beetroot concoction, the colour is lovely and bright and cheery.  I had to make another batch as it was rather popular.

Beetroot Smoothie

2 cooked and peeled beetroot
2 apples
2 oranges
1 dollop vanilla bean paste
water/milk/coconut milk as necessary

Put all of the fruit and vanilla into a power blender.  Blend until smooth then add water or milk  and blend again.  Add more water/milk until smoothie is a consistency you are happy with.

Serve chilled.

As I mentioned previously, I am joining in with Jumpstart January and enjoying a smoothie for breakfast and soup for lunch.  Lots of other lovely bloggers are also part of the campaign, here are some of their latest posts:

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  1. I love beetroot but am not 100% sure on it in liquid form-I have some beetroot concentrate in the fridge but its sadly neglected but I do like the sound of your smoothie with the added apple and orange flavours.. slowly coming around to smoothies might have to dust the blender off and decide then!

    1. It wasn't overtly beetroot flavoured, the other ingredients tempered the taste of the beetroot. :)

  2. I love beetroot soup but never tried it in a smoothie before. It look really tasty - but it also looks like it's got berries in!

    1. Nope, no berries in it this time. I might try that though, it sounds like a delicious idea :)


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