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5 Minute Soup

Sunday 18 January 2015

Having a young baby is lovely, it also makes it very tricky to get anything done.  I need to keep up a decent diet to ensure that I can breastfeed effectively but that means making things in advance or whipping up snacks and lunch one handed whilst cuddling/feeding bubs.  

Being part of Jumpstart January is helping as having a smoothie for breakfast is easy to achieve, and quick to make, as is having soup for lunch.  I normally make soup in advance and freeze in batches so all I have to do is reheat a portion and lunch is served.  However, I had run out of soup portions from the freezer and needed a quick lunch for hubby and I the other day when he was working from home.  I was inspired by this post from Jac, fast and wholesome soup in mere minutes.

I used two sachets of steam vegetables along with some fresh kale, stock and a small tin of chickpeas for my soup.  It was a vibrant green colour and tasted delicious.  Hubby, who can be a bit picky about spinach and kale, declared it to be really tasty and he'd happily have it again. Hurrah!

5 Minute Soup

2 sachets Peas, Spinach, Broccoli and Sweetcorn
2 large handfuls of fresh kale
750ml hot vegetable stock
210g tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed

Cook the vegetables following the instructions on the pack.  Put the cooked vegetables into a power blender along with the kale, hot stock and chickpeas.  Blend until smooth and serve immediately or pour into a saucepan and heat for a few minutes then serve.  The soup was accompanied by some Quick Bread Rolls.

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