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Live Below The Line - Day 2

Tuesday, 29 April 2014
Today has been OK, breakfast was fine and lunches are going down well.  I walked to the allotment and picked some leeks and chard for us to have with dinner the next couple of nights.  I haven't been able to hold down any solid food today as my morning sickness has been awful once again.  More food for everyone else I suppose!

After school is definitely the most challenging time as the kids are hungry, tired and grumpy.  I'm finding that a snack and then distraction is working quite well.  I'm sure it will be more difficult as the week goes on and we all get progressively more tired.

Dinner was a hit with almost everyone.  We had homemade fishcakes with wilted chard, steamed chard stems and mixed vegetables.  Eldest doesn't normally like fish but will tolerate salmon and she was rather hungry so enthusiastically ate dinner without moaning.  Result!

Day two done and looking forward to day three, I am baking more flapjacks which will hopefully last the next three days of the challenge.

If you can spare a few pennies, you can sponsor us: https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/utterlyscrummy


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