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Live Below the Line - Day 1

Monday, 28 April 2014
We're all psyched up for the week ahead and prepared for the fact there will be times we are hungry and grumpy.  Breakfast was fine, not the usual compote or dried fruit on top of the porridge, but baked rhubarb compote was really welcomed and the banana for afters filled us up.  

The kids and hubby liked the calzone and vege sticks with a flapjack for lunch, however they missed the usual piece of fruit and yoghurt dip for the vege sticks.  I didn't have calzone for lunch, I made some wholemeal bread rolls for me to have filled with salad leaves and had vege sticks too.  As I'm still feeling sick a lot of the time I've gone off most foods.  

The most challenging time throughout the week is going to be the period of time between when the kids getting home from school and dinner.  My daughters usually come home and inhale the contents of the fruit bowl before heading to the fridge.  There's none of that this week! I gave them a small serving of rice pudding each and a flapjack which satisfied them until dinner time - but only just.  Not being able to snack freely from the fruit bowl has been the main complaint so far.  I also distracted them from raiding the fridge and fruit bowl by taking them to the allotment to pick chard and salad greens dinner tonight and lunches tomorrow.

Vegetable Pie is one of their favourite dinner options so was enthusiastically devoured. There were no seconds or pudding which is good for our waistlines but eldest complained of still being hungry.

On the whole day one has gone fairly smoothly, bring on the next 4 days!

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  1. Well done Michelle, hope the next 4 days go quickly for you!

  2. What a great idea with the calzone! The vegetable pie reminds me of stuff that dad cooked for us as kids, except he would chuck in some masala x


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