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Tesco Christmas Chocolates and Finest Products Review

Friday, 15 November 2013
I love creating recipes and Meal Plans, those are the reasons why I blog and carry on doing so.  However, I get many emails offering to send us some delicious products to try out and review.  I do say no to a lot of them but was recently offered some of the Tesco Christmas Chocolates range and some Finest products to celebrate the relaunch of the brand and my family insisted we try them out.

I shared the chocolates with my husband and children, mainly because they discovered them before I could hide them.  And we all shared the Finest products over numerous meals last week.  I also used some of the products when friends came for dinner to gather more opinions.

Here's what we thought:

Chokablok Christmas Pudding 150G
The chocolate tree was rich and creamy with Christmas pudding flavour chocolate containing raisins. It was topped with golden flakes coated and with a swirl of dark chocolate. My husband wasn't that keen on it but my children and I enjoyed it and I would happily give as a stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. RRP £5.00 each but currently on offer of 2 for £8. The ChokaBlok trees are also available in Santastic Cinnamon, and Cherry Merry Christmas flavours.

Tesco Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Stars 100G
These milk chocolate stars are topped with caramelised biscuit pieces, ginger crumble and drizzled with white chocolate. Hubby and I weren't fans of these but my 3 children devoured them happily.  RRP £3.50 a box, currently on offer of 2 for £6.  We would prefer the dark chocolate raspberry brownie buttons box also in this range.  That pack contains dark chocolate buttons with swirls of white chocolate, brownie pieces and freeze dried raspberry pieces.

Tesco Finest Yoghurts 5 for £3.50
These yoghurts were delicious, rich and creamy, a welcome after lunch or afternoon tea treat.  My favourite was the Madagascan Vanilla flavour.

Tesco Finest Desserts, currently on offer of 2 for £7
I bought the Raspberry Roulade and Sicilian Lemon and Lime Meringue Tart for a treat as we were having friends over for dinner.  Both went down fairly well, the roulade was particularly popular.  Some felt the filling of the Lemon and Lime Meringue tart was a little sickly and sweet rather than zingy and the pastry was a little too thick.

We had a quick and easy dinner of Fish Fingers, Chips and Peas which was a welcome meal on a Friday when we were all exhausted and grumpy.  The fish fingers were delicious, the chips chunky and flavoursome and the peas were a good accompanyment offering a little freshness.

I made a Toad In The Hole with these sausages, they were flavoursome and meaty, my family declared them to be delicious.

I couldn't resist this taste of home, lovely honey which was a welcome addition to our toast for breakfast. 

Many thanks to Tesco for sending the chocolate and vouchers for me to select some Finest products to review.  All opinions and views expressed are my own and those of my family and friends.

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