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Our Meal Plan for the last full week of the Summer Holidays - £65

Sunday, 25 August 2013
Our week this week is another fairly busy one.  However, we have thoroughly cleaned the house from top to bottom and decluttered on a massive scale so we can enjoy ourselves for the rest of the holidays safe in the knowledge that the house is sorted. *polishes Queen of Housework crown*

We have more caterpillar seeking and weeding to do on our allotments.  Despite netting our Brassicas we have had a major attack of butterflies laying their eggs and we have been mounting search and destroy missions dispatching caterpillars that are trying to eat our cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli before we do. Spending time on the allotments is great fun in the fresh air and we also need to harvest some of the produce we have grown.  I also need to make several vats of jam using the currants, raspberries, blackberries and gooseberries we have grown and/or foraged.

I have included the price of the salad greens and vegetables that we are harvesting from our allotment in our Meal Plan so that those who wish to follow the plan are able to if they do not have access to homegrown produce.  As usual I shall be baking all our bread, wraps and crumpets.  I shall also be making our yoghurt using the slow cooker and an Easiyo maker with natural yoghurt added as a starter - no expensive sachets for us.

We are off to London on Wednesday for an event with Raymond Blanc.  I am SO excited! My 3 girls and my Mum are able to some along.  The event is all about a kids cooking app featuring Henri Le Worm which you can find out more about here.  Luckily hubby will be working from home whilst we are in London for the day so he will be able to have dinner waiting for us when we get home.  Result!

Friday afternoon will be lots of fun as it is the last Church Crafternoon for the Summer Holidays and it will have a beach theme.  If it rains much more we may have a beach outside!  Friends will be raiding our apple tree whilst we are crafting at Church.  We have 2 apple trees overflowing with apples which I don't want to go to waste so we are more than happy for friends and neighbours to pick as many as they like.

As usual I compared the cost of my shopping using My Supermarket.  Our Shopping List cost £65.24 from Asda on 25/08/2013.  My shopping would've cost £76.19 from Tesco or £77.39 from Sainsbury's.


Lunches will be simple and filling, pretty much the same as last week.  Wednesday we shall be having lunch at a branch of Leon in London as a treat, thanks to my Mum for shouting us.  Our lunches will be either egg salad or cheese and salad pittas or wraps (homemade), crudités, a piece of fruit and a small baked treat. Breakfasts will be cereal and milk or toast and spread with a piece of fruit for afters.  Weekend breakfasts will be homemade crumpets and pancakes.


Simmered Mince Many Ways - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Salmon and Rice Bake - Thursday

Bean Burgers with Wedges - Friday

Sausage and Vegetable Hotpot - Saturday and leftovers as pasties on Sunday

Shopping List

33 items: £65.24 purchased from Asda on 25/08/2013.

Packets and Jars
 1x    ASDA Chosen by You Swiss Style Muesli (1.5Kg)          £1.50
1x    ASDA Chosen by You Conchiglie (1Kg)                          98p
1x    ASDA Wholefoods Strong White Bread Flour (1.5Kg)    80p
1x    ASDA Wholemeal Bread Flour (1.5Kg)                            £1.26
1x    Jus Rol Puff Pastry Block (500g)                                       £1.10
1x    ASDA Smartprice Long Grain Rice (1Kg)                         40p
1x    Great Scot Pearl Barley (500g)                                           64p
1x    Asda Home Baking Easy Bake Yeast (6 per pack - 42g)   65p

Tins, Jars and Cooking
 1x    ASDA Wild Pacific Pink Salmon (418g)                           £2.54
4x    ASDA Smartprice Chopped Tomatoes (400g)                   £1.36
2x    ASDA Chosen by You Green Lentils in Water (400g)      £1.28
2x    ASDA Mexican Style Bean Mix in Water (400g)              £1.24

 2x    ASDA Smartprice Mixed Vegetables (1Kg)                      £1.50

Dairy and Eggs
 5x    ASDA British Semi Skimmed Milk 4 Pints (2.27L)           £5.00
1x    ASDA English Mature White Cheddar (500g)                  £2.50 any 2 FOR £5.00
1x    ASDA English Medium White Cheddar Cheese (500g)    £2.50 any 2 FOR £5.00
3x    Suffolk Farm Medium Free Range Eggs (6)                       £3.00

Fruit and Vegetables
 2x    ASDA Salad Tomatoes (750g)                                           £3.00
25x  ASDA Bananas (Approx 170g)                                          £2.89
20x  ASDA Carrots (Approx 110g)                                            £1.98
8x    ASDA Red Onions (Approx 130g)                                    93.6p
2x    ASDA White Potatoes (2.5Kg)                                          £4.50
3x    ASDA Whole Cucumber                                                    £1.50
2x    ASDA British Iceberg Lettuce Loose                                £1.00
2x    ASDA Round Lettuce                                                        £1.00
2x    ASDA Celery                                                                      £1.00 was 89p
1x    ASDA Garlic Loose                                                            25p
1x    ASDA Smartprice Peppers (700g)                                      £1.58
1x    ASDA Spinach (350g)                                                        £1.50
1x    ASDA Juicing Oranges (1.6Kg)                                         £2.25
4x    ASDA Smartprice Apples (500g)                                       £3.60

Meat, Fish and Poultry
 3x    ASDA Butcher's Selection British Beef Mince (500g)      £6.00
1x    ASDA Extra Special Pork Sausages (10 per pack - 756g)  £4.00 any 3 FOR £10.00

Prices and special offers reflect those of the online grocery websites, and are correct as of 25 August 2013.  Prices may vary in different in-store locations.

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  1. Lots if salmon about this week, yummy!
    Have you got a recipe for your homemade crumpets - would love to make some! X

    1. I sure do, here's the link: http://utterlyscrummy.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/crumpets-hugh-fearnley-whittingstall.html I use a Hugh F-W recipe, don't bother with fancy moulds either just dollop the mixture into the pan in rounds :o)

  2. Great meal plans. Love the way you cost it all out and it seems very healthy. Interested to hear how you get on at the Raymond Blanc event.

  3. Yummy as usual, have you got a link to the slow cooker yoghurt? I would love to try making that after having much success with your bread, cheese whirl and flapjack recipes:)


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