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Allotment Update - The Antipodean Visitor Edition

Thursday, 8 August 2013
We've just got back from two hours hard work at the allotments for the second time today.  It was a warm sunny day and we enjoyed being out in the fresh air and getting some exercise.  There's nothing tastier than eating homegrown produce as fresh as can be that you've grown yourself.  It truly is much better and more delicious than buying produce from supermarkets which has probably been in suspended storage for more than a little while.  My Mum is visiting from NZ for a month and has been helping with gardening and watering duties, it is fab to have another pair of hands to help.

The School Allotment

The lettuces which had bolted have been dug out and new lettuce, leek and kale seedlings planted. We also planted some beetroot and turnip seeds on the bed where the Swedes are. Hopefully they will start to germinate and show signs of life over the next week or so. Three were weeded and we planted more turnip seeds, carrots seeds, over winter spring onion seeds and also spinach seeds.  Our Brassica bed is doing well despite a few being munched in places by an as yet unidentified pest. The netting has been raised so cabbage white butterflies cannot land on our precious plants and we've checked them all for eggs and caterpillars.  We've also made sure the netting has no gaps for those pesky butterflies to sneak through.

Our Shared Allotment

This allotment needs weeding again but will have to wait until over the weekend.  We weeded thoroughly recently but it only takes a couple of rainy days followed by a couple of sunny days for the weeds to come back in full force.

Our rainbow chard and potatoes are growing well, as are the tomatoes and rhubarb.  The currant bushes and raspberry canes in the fruit cage are providing produce for many jars of jam, jelly, syrup and compote.  Out salad greens are also growing well and our beans, after a slow start, are getting somewhat over excited.  We have a glut of courgettes and beetroot too so expect a few recipes using those to appear on my blog shortly.  I have harvested onions and a few corn cobs too.

My 3 girls also decided to forage for some wild berries in the hedgerow before harvesting yet more raspberries and currants from our shared allotment fruit cage.  We had a brilliant time today!  Lots of free fresh produce, fresh air and exercise.  If you can get gardening and growing we heartily recommend it!


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