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Store Cupboard Salad for Sainsbury's Kitchen Heroes

Saturday, 4 May 2013

I was sent some vouchers by Sainsbury's and asked to come up with a recipe using at least one Sainsbury's storecupboard product.  Regular readers will know that I love a challenge and as a result I have used 6 storecupboard staples to make a delicious salad, substantial enough to be a meal in itself or fab as a side dish to accompany grilled haloumi, vegetable kebabs, fish or BBQ meats.

You can adapt this salad depending what you have on hand.  Lentils and chickpeas would be delicious instead of tins of beans, you can add chopped herbs for extra flavour, diced cucumber for extra crunch, tinned fish or shredded leftover chicken would work well too.  The salad is quick to make and robust enough to take on a picnic or as a packed lunch.  

The ingredients I used were:

1x Sainsbury's Frozen Garden Peas (910g)  £1.60
1x Sainsbury's Borlotti Beans in Water (410g)  69p
1x Sainsbury's Cannellini Beans in Water (410g)  69p
1x Sainsbury's Haricot Beans in Water (410g)  69p
1x Sainsbury's Olive Oil (250ml)  £1.45
1x Sainsbury's Microwaveable Long Grain Rice (250g)  99p
2x Sainsbury's Lemons Loose 60p
1x Sainsbury's Spring Onions (100g)  75p
1x Sainsbury's Red Pepper  80p

The cost of the salad was made up as follows:

300g Sainsbury's Frozen Garden Peas 53p
1 tin Borlotti Beans in Water (410g)  69p
1 tin Cannellini Beans in Water (410g)  69p
1 tin Haricot Beans in Water (410g)  69p
50ml Olive Oil 29p
1 pouch Microwaveable Long Grain Rice (250g)  99p
2x Lemons 60p
1 bunch Spring Onions (100g)  75p
1 Red Pepper  80p

Total cost £6.03 to feed 4 adults and 5 children generous portions for lunch accompanied by some sliced fresh tomatoes and the same amount of people as a side dish for dinner with grilled fish and salad leaves.

Store Cupboard Salad

300g frozen peas
410g tin Borlotti Beans
410g tin Cannellini Beans
410g tin Haricot Beans
50ml Olive Oil
250g pouch Microwaveable Rice
juice of 2 Lemons
1 bunch Spring Onions, finely sliced
1 red pepper, diced
chopped fresh herbs, optional

Cook the pouch of rice and stir through a little olive oil to stop it clumping together.  Drain all the tins of beans into a colander and rinse well.  Put the lemon juice and oil into a jar with a little salt and freshly ground pepper, put the lid on then shake to completely combine,

Slice the spring onion and dice the pepper.  Mix all the salad ingredients together then pour over the dressing and lightly mix through.  Serve with some chopped fresh herbs if you like. We used parsley but mint or oregano would be delicious too.

Do you have a favourite recipe using store cupboard ingredients?  The kind of recipe that you can whip up in a jiffy, using ingredients on hand, that always tastes delicious?  If you blog the recipe you could win a £50 Sainsbury’s voucher.

To take part in the Kitchen Heroes Competition create your own signature dish, blog it, then and leave a link to your recipe as a comment on this blog post.  You can also tweet me a link to your recipe using the hashtag #kitchenheroes.  It can be a recipe you have previously blogged or a recent recipe, just make sure it uses at least one Sainsbury's store cupboard product.

One recipe from the comments on my blog will be picked by the Sainsbury’s team as their favourite and win a £50 Sainsbury’s voucher.  The recipe will also be put to a public vote on the Sainsbury’s Facebook page, along with other favourite recipes from all the blogs taking part,  to find an overall favourite recipe.

For your recipe to be considered for the voucher giveaway you need to add it from today, 4th May 2012, until 12th May 2013.


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