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Asparagus Quiche

Sunday 26 May 2013

I do love our shared allotment.  There are the usual nosey parkers, whingers and the like but also some lovely friendly folk to have a natter to and get advice from.  Yesterday morning I was able to swap some of our glut of rhubarb for some just picked asparagus.  Our household are big fans of asparagus and will gladly eat it as often as we can whilst the season lasts.  We were all rather hungry after working for an hour or so weeding so it was decided that I would make a quiche for lunch.  It was delicious and rapidly devoured by us all.

Asparagus Quiche

500g asparagus, blanched if large stems or not really fresh
4 medium free range eggs
300ml whipping cream
salt and pepper
100g finely grated cheddar
3 spring onions, white part only, very finely diced.
Shortcrust pastry case using this recipe or use store bought

Preheat your oven to 180C/160C Fan.

Once you have blind baked the pastry case, beat together the eggs, cream, salt and pepper until thoroughly combined.  Arrange the asparagus in the pastry case, sprinkle over the spring onion and grated cheese then gently pour over the seasoned egg and cream mixture.

Put the quiche in the oven and bake for 20 - 30 minutes until the top is golden and the filling is just set.

I am submitting this recipe to Simple and in Season hosted by Ren.

I am also submitting this recipe to the One Ingredient created by How to Cook Good Food and Franglais Kitchen.  Laura is hosting this month and the theme is Asparagus.

One Ingredient

I've also added this post to the #cookitblogit fortnightly recipe Linky over at The Diary of a Frugal Family.


  1. The filling looks lovely and creamy. I shall have to make a quiche again soon.

  2. This quiche looks absolutely divine Michelle. I too adore asparagus, and I'm sure it went down very well after a morning of hard graft!

    1. It did indeed, reward for our gardening efforts :o) I'm so glad my girls enjoy gardening and know where their food comes from.

  3. Good Evening Michelle, Quiche is a favourite in our house as well, but I have never made it with asparagus.... something different to try.
    I read your post about half term, at least the children have enjoyed their first couple of days off with good weather. It has been lovely as we have had sunshine on Saturday and Sunday, so it was out into the garden tidying up.... now I am all aches and pains... oh well, that's the price of gardening..... when your older!
    Best Wishes

    1. Not just when you are older Daphne, I feel rather achy the next day after a gardening session. We do like the fresh air and good exercise though, aches are a small price to pay for homegrown produce :o)

  4. That's it, quiche for us tonight, I have a glut of eggs on the farm at the moment. Popping over from cook it blog it

  5. That looks delicious - I want a slice ;-D

    Thanks for joining in with #CookItBlogIt x x

  6. Thanks Michelle we love Quiche and this one looks good enough to eat. I may pop over some time next time you are baking it... ;)

  7. nice to join your blog! ✿◠‿◠) gina!

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