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How to make a sugarpaste daffodil

Sunday, 10 March 2013
I thought that I would blog a quick tutorial how to make a sugarpate daffodil without using fancy cutters and sugarpaste tools.  I do have loads of cutters and tools but most of my Mum friends don't and they wanted a low faff way to make daffodils to decorate cupcakes. 

You will need a star playdough or biscuit cutter, yellow sugarpaste, (or yellow and red which can be mixed to make orange if you like) and a skewer.  Sugarpaste is fairly easy to get hold of from supermarkets and can be found in packs like these:

Photo taken of packet purchased from local supermarket.
Each 500g pack includes five 100g foil wrapped sachets of red, green, yellow, blue and black icing which is fab for decorating cupcakes, birthday cakes and for having loads of fun making edible models with your kids.  You can also buy coloured sugarpaste from Hobbycraft and other retailers.

Dust your work surface with icing sugar and cut out a star from the sugarpaste using the biscuit or playdough cutter.

Take the blunt end of the skewer and roll it over each petal to squish it slightly and give it some texture.  Don't worry if the lines and texture look slightly haphazard, make the petals as best you can, the middle will be covered by the trumpet.

To make the trumpet take some orange or yellow sugarpaste, roll it into a ball then insert the blunt end of the skewer in to the centre of the ball.  Press the sugarpaste around the end of the skewer to elongate the shape.  Rotate the skewer around until you have formed the daffodil trumpet shape.

Give the trumpet some texture by inserting the skewer and pressing it against your finger on the outside of the trumpet. Pinch the top edge of the trumpet between your fingers all the way around to thin it and curve it outwards slightly.

sugarpaste daffodil gumpaste tutorial

You can make a double or single layered daffodil, whichever you like.  Give the petals a tweak and light twist to make the flowers look more animated.  You could make the stamen by rolling very small sausage shapes from the sugarpaste, flattening one end, then carefully inserting them into the middle of the trumpet. Secure them inside the trumpet by lightly pressing the blunt end of the skewer into the middle of the trumpet.

My three daughters had lots of fun making theses daffodils this afternoon and made loads of other shapes using my cutters.  I sense a mammoth cupcake decorating session in the near future!

12yo's sugaraste daffodil next to a real one.

I managed to make a few sugarpaste daffodils using my PME cutters and tools once my daughters were in bed.  Luckily I made three so they can have one each!

sugarpaste daffodil

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  1. These sugar-paste daffodils are really wonderful and creative..loved them.


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