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A very girlie chocolate birthday cake

Thursday, 21 March 2013
My middle daughter turns 10 today and wanted a chocolate cake that was purple and covered in flowers and butterflies.  This is a relatively simple request compared with the epic creation she wanted last year with edible fairies on it.  I baked her cake last night and decorated it today.  Here it is:

Her birthday cake was this rich chocolate cake covered in ganache and then sugarpaste followed by piped ganache and sugarpaste decorations.  I made the ganache using 300ml double cream and 800g chocolate which was quite firm to spread over the cake.  I warmed it slightly to thin it down enough to pipe the decorations onto the cake.  The leftover ganache has been made into egg shaped truffles and frozen for Easter treats.

Her friends, classmates and teacher want it to be her birthday once a week because they all had a  large chocolate brownie each to celebrate her birthday today.  I cannot believe my middle daughter is 10 years old, where does the time go?!

Happy 10th Birthday!

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  1. What a fantastic cake! Your daughter must have been delighted with it!


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