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Fresh From The Oven Round Up - January

Thursday, 31 January 2013
Thank you so much to Claire from Purely Food (my Fresh From The Oven partner) who hosted the challenge this month which was to make Flatbreads.

I enjoy making Flatbreads because they are so quick, versatile and tasty - great for feeding family, friends and they make a great addition to any lunch or dinner.

I've previously blogged about making and baking flatbreads with my 3 daughters, you can read that post here

We made them once again and here is one of our cheese and tomato flatbreads, we made giant 'tear and share' versions this time.

There were many delicious entries this month, click on the blog name below the photo which will take you to their recipe post. 

Tango Like Raindrop

Blue Kitchen Bakes

Searching for Spice


© Griddled Flatbreads Griddled Flatbreads
Lavender and Lime

Turquoise Lemons
Blue Kitchen Bakes

Penelope's Pantry

Thank you so much to all those who took part in January's Challenge. Should anyone like to host a Challenge you would be most welcome!  I do love seeing all the delicious Challenges you come up with and trying new bakes.     Please email me if interested utterlyscrumptious at gmail dot com.

The Challenge for February will be hosted by me and will be posted tomorrow,  1st February, on this blog.  It will have a blog hop linky so that you can all link up and easily see each others posts throughout the month.  I will of course still do a round up but it means you can enter/publish your post and link up whenever you are able.  The more posts the merrier, feel free to link any recipe that fits the Challenge.

All will be revealed tomorrow!


  1. I love flatbreads and these look great, especially Lavender and Lime's griddled ones!

    I haven't done a FFTO challenge in forever so I will make sure to check back tomorrow and do my best to enter for Feb!

  2. I love seeing so many entries :)
    Can't wait for the hop linky :)))

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies :) I look forward to seeing your delicious creations!

  4. Mmm yummy :) I made khobez again this afternoon to serve with some leftover Moroccan lamb. Delish!


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