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Crock Pot Rice Cooker Review

Sunday, 27 January 2013
I received a Crock Pot Rice Cooker for review and I have to say we did enjoy testing it out as well as getting a friend with teenagers to test it too.

Photo courtesy of Crock Pot
This rather compact rice cooker has a 0.6L capacity, and the product information leaflet says that this makes it ideal for 2-3 people (6 cup cooked rice capacity). 

There are 5 of us in our household so it was a tad small for us.  

It has 2 heat settings and an auto keep warm feature, as well as a steamer tray attachment to enable you to steam your vegetables with your rice, alternatively enabling you to simply steam other foods. The steamer tray and rice bowl are both non-stick, removable and dishwasher safe. Included with the rice cooker is a measuring cup and rice paddle. This size of rice cooker is available in multiple colour options (Red, Blue and Grey).

Despite the product information leaflet saying that you can steam vegetables and fish with (or instead of) rice there were no instructions at all regarding how you would go about doing this.

The rice needs to be thoroughly washed before you put it in the rice cooker and you need to stir the rice 15 minutes in to the cooking process.  There is no timer, buzzer or indicator that tells you when to do this at all.  You need to remember to do it and set a kitchen time or alarm on your phone.

Once the rice is cooked it will be kept warm using the Keep Warm feature which is handy if you have people eating at different times.  

We tasted the rice as soon as it had finished cooking and found it to be too wet and rather clumpy.  Hubby, myself and eldest disliked the texture but my youngest two daughters didn't mind it.  To be honest I find it much easier just to cook rice in a saucepan on the hob.

My friend with 2 teenage boys and an almost teenage boy also tested it out.  They love it as they use the keep warm feature and basically can have rice whenever they like - apparently hollow legged teenage boys like to eat rice a lot.

The Crock Pot Rice Cooker has a RRP of £27.99.  I would recommend it to those who are not confident cooking rice in a saucepan, like to eat a lot of rice, or have hollow legged teenage boys who consume copious amounts of this particular carbohydrate.

It wasn't really suitable for our family as it isn't big enough for 5 people.  I think the instructions should state how to steam vegetables or other foods with your rice.  The leaflet is too basic and not particularly informative other than cooking times and measurements.

The appliance is well made.  My friend and her teenaged boys are most pleased to have it in their home.  The red colour also matches the colour scheme of their kitchen - bonus points for that. 

For more info visit www.crockpot.co.uk or their Facebook page CrockPotUK

I was sent the Crock Pot Rice Cooker for review purposes.  No payment was received for this post


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