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Asda Pie Event at their superb new development kitchens

Thursday 22 November 2012
I was invited to Leeds by Asda to make some delicious pies and discover their new Product Development Kitchens which had recently been remodelled.

Asda Development Chef in action making Steak and Ale Pie

The Product Development Kitchens are extensive and there are many separate areas for tastings, focus groups and creating new recipes and products to undergo the rigorous testing process before they appear in Asda stores.

It was a fab event, all the guests invited were asked to make pies and there was a chance for us all to taste the pies we had created at the conclusion of the event.

Helen and I made a Roast Vegetable, White Wine and Four Cheese Sauce Pie

I found the compredensive product creation process that Asda use fascinating and they try to mimic handmade methods as much as they can, even when machines are used in the production of their freshly made food products.

We were able to ask loads of questions and get tips and hints from the pie masterchefs at Asda, my favourite being that you can mix the pastry and fat as much as you like without making the pastry tough, it is when you add the liquid that you must handle it lightly or it will become tough.

I had a brilliant time travelling to Leeds and back, a welcome bonus was the chance to stay in a posh hotel for the night.  More about that later.

Asda have a large range of Chosen By You and Extra Special Pies, the Steak and Ale is delicious.  The Extra Special range of pies are currently on offer instore so what better time to try some out?

Thank you to Asda for paying all my travel costs to attend the event.


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