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My Boeuf Bourguignon - thanks to Knorr

Monday 5 November 2012
I was sent all the ingredients to make a delicious Boeuf Bourguignon by Knorr and Forman and Field.  You can enter to win a hamper of ingredients, just like the one I received to cook with, by filling in the Rafflecopter form here.

I decided that the recipe by Marco that we were given from Knorr wasn't for me as I wanted to use my slow cooker instead of the oven, mainly because my oven was being used for baking.  So I took the general theme from Marco's recipe and made up my own suitable for cooking in a slow cooker.

The delicious ingredients I received

I decided to try and make the casserole stretch over two nights, and succeded, by adding loads of vegetables including 2 peppers that needed using up.  I know adding peppers is probably sacrilage but they needed using and we don't waste anything so I put them in the pot.  Here's the recipe I used:

My Boeuf Bourguignon

4 rashers bacon, chopped
750g brisket/stewing steak, cut into a large dice
4 Tblsp flour
4 Tblsp vegetable oil
12 baby onions or shallots, peeled
4 carrots, peeled and sliced
3 leeks, sliced
3 sticks celery, sliced
2 peppers, diced
250g mushrooms
500ml boiling water
1 rich beef stock pot (Knorr)
300ml red wine
125ml port
2 cloves garlic, crushed
3 sprigs of thyme
2 bay leaves
salt and black to taste
1 Tblsp cornflour, optional

Put the slow cooker on hight to preheat whilst you prepare all the ingredients.  In a large frying pan cook the bacon and onions until the bacon is slightly crispy and the onions have a little colour on them.  Put them in the bottom of your slow cooker.

Put the beef in a plastic food bag, sprinkle in the flour then closes the top and give it a good shake.  This means that the beef get an even and light coating of flour without leaving too much mess to clean up.  Heat the oil in the frying pan over a moderately high heat, and cook the floured beef in small batches to caramelise it and get some colour on it.  Add to the slow cooker.  Use the wine and port to deglaze the frying pan then tip the liquid into the slow cooker.

Add all the vegetabes to the slowcooker.  Mix together the boiling water, stock cube, garlic, thyme and bay leaves and pour over the meat.

Season well and put the lid on the slowcooker.  I cooked mine for 2 hours on high then 4 hours on low.

Once the Boeuf Bourguignon is cooked, remove the lid and thicken the sauce slightly if necessary.  Mix the cornflour with a little water to make a paste then add to the slowcooker and stir through.  

I served our Boeuf Bourguignon with steamed savoy cabbage and well seasoned mixed mash (sweet potato and normal potato cooked then mashed together).  I may have also had a couple of glasses of the delicious red wine to finish off the bottle that was sent in the hamper and used in the Boeuf Bourguignon.  Like I said, we don't waste anything! ;o)

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  1. This is a dish I've not eaten for ..Ohh I cant remember how long, but I must say I will be giving your recipe a try. It sounds and looks delish. :)


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