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Tuesday, 24 July 2012
Welch's Grape Juices

I was sent a huge package of 16 cartons of Welch's Grape Juices to try which was a mixture of cartons containing 100% Pure White Grape Juice, 100% Pure Rose Grape Juice and 100% Pure Purple Grape Juice.  I gave some to friends, froze some in the cartons, made loads of ice lollies and put some in the fridge.  The 100% Pure Rosé Grape Juice was our favourite and is made up of a blend of White and Red Grapes which was very refreshing and a fab compromise if the Purple Grape Juice is too strong for you, as was the case with my 3 daughters.  Welsh's Grape Juices are fab for lovely summer days, makes a brilliant alternative to wine (if you are not drinking for whatever reason) and the juices also make delicious mocktails.  You can find mocktail recipes and find out more about the health benefits of drinking grape juice here.  All juices are available from leading supermarkets for RRP £2.59.

LOL Drinks

LOL Drinks are a lightly carbonated fruit juice drink made from 75% fruit juice and 25% carbonated water.  A can of LOL contains enough fruit juice to be counted as one of  your ‘five a day’.  LOL contains no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no artificial colours and no caffeine.

LOL is available in three flavours:

RAZZ BRI – Apple and Raspberry Juice Drink

O RANJ – Apple and Orange Juice Drink

B CURRENT – Apple and Blackcurrant Juice Drink

Available in most supermarkets in 250ml cans for 99p.

Maggi So Juicy

Product photo: Sticky BBQ for Chicken

The So Juicy range from Maggi is a packet of spice mix with a roasting bag for your coated items to be cooked in.  Simply put meat, fish or vegetables into the roasting bag, add the spices, seal then bake.  What could be simpler?  There are a range of So Juicy packs to suit beef, chicken and pork.  The chicken I coated with the mix was indeed juicy and flavoursome.  t was a big hit with my family too.  I would use this occasionally if we wanted a low mess, quick to prepare, flavoursome meal. Including a roasting bag in the pack is a great idea as it cuts down on mess and makes it easier to cook meat in the same oven as a vegetarian meal whilst keeping them separate.


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