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Asda Decorate Your Own Egg Kits

Tuesday 3 April 2012
The lovely people at Asda sent us some of their Decorate Your Own Egg Kits to help keep the holiday boredom at bay.  They retail for £3 and are of course available at Asda.

Inside each kit is a solid milk chocolate egg shaped base with a tube of icing and white candy with coloured sugar sprinkles to decorate your egg with.

My 3 girls were very excited about decorating their own eggs, they do love edible craft activities. LOL  The egg base was nice and thick, the icing was easy for them to squeeze out of the tube and they thoroughly enjoyed decorating their eggs.  As always I had some other edible decorations about and they used some of those as well as the white chocolate sprinkles that were included in the kit.

It took them a good half an hour to work on their egg masterpieces, and here they are:

My 5yo's decorated egg
My 5yo decided to stack up the white chocolate sprinkle disks and use pink sugar balls to make faces on them.  She also drew a few shapes with the icing and added some various sugar decorations to the egg, along with some small chocolate beans around the edge.

My 9yo's decorated egg
My 9yo also stacked up the milk chocolate sprinkles and made faces on them.  She also tried to fit as much edible decoration as physically possible on to her chocolate egg base.  The concept of "less is more" obviously doesn't apply to edible decorations! LOL

My 11yo's decorated egg
My 11yo went for a more sophisticated and girlie approach to decorating her egg.  With a colourful border and butterflies.  She said that she didn't want it to look like an explosion in an edible decoration factory. LOL  

The hardest part of the whole process was to get the eggs decorated before all the decorations were eaten "In the name of taste testing, of course Mum!" and waiting until after lunch before they tucked in to their creations. 

The pack says that each Egg Decorating Kit contains 4 servings, the tricky bit is to convince the kids that they need to eat it 1/4 at a time and save the rest for later. 

We had a great time decorating the egg bases, thanks to Asda for sending them to us.


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