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Honey Rice Crispie Slice

Saturday, 16 July 2011
This recipe is a Kiwi classic.  It's very sweet though so I don't make it often, however I usually make some for kids parties and cake stalls. It keeps well in an airtight container. 

125g butter

½ cup sugar

3 dessert spoons of honey (thick is good, so is manuka)

4 cups rice crispies cereal (or cornflakes)

In a pot big enough to hold all the ingredients, boil butter, sugar and honey for 5 mins. Add the rice crispies and mix well. Press into a slice tin, refrigerate and slice when set.

Alternatively you can mix boiled ingredients with rice crispies in a mixing bowl and pour into little cupcake cases then refrigerate till set.

Alternative ingredients: 1cup coco pops + 3cup rice crispies or ½ c nuts or ½ c mixed dried fruit, just stir in when adding boiled mix to rice crispies.


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