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The Fairy Hobmother Has Visited Me!

Sunday, 15 May 2011
There is a lovely man named Ian who masquerades as The Fairy Hobmother from Apppliances Online who sell cookers, washing machines and other white goods.  He has been visiting blogs, spreading joy and giving out gifts both large and small.

When I received a lovely email from him with a gift of an Amazon voucher, I was of course rather thrilled!

I'd deliberately not asked for anything when I'd commented on other posts where they had given things to bloggers, or just commented about how fab it was for them to be so generous, as I think others should have lovely surprises and are far more deserving of such things than I am. 

However, an Amazon voucher will come in very handy just now, so of course I'm very grateful and happily accepted it.

And guess what? The Fairy Hobmother could visit you too!

Just leave a comment on this post telling me (and Ian) what you would like and why, and your wish could be granted!
Thank you very much to Ian the Fairy Hobmother at Appliances Online for the lovely surprise. 


  1. The fairy hobmother, what a lovely idea. How does he fit all those washing machines under pillows?!

  2. Sounds great....i would love a little running speed or weight loss to make me more speedy lol, do you think he could magic me a little?

  3. This is such a lovely idea, and very generous of Appliances Online too! My cooker died the week before Christmas so the bit of money I had been squirreling away to treat us to a proper coffee machine in the January sales got spent on that instead. No prizes for guessing what I would love ;)

  4. Oooh lucky you! I do have a 'big' wish when it comes to my kitchen, both DH and myself have been longing for a Kitchenaid mixer for years. Partially because they are adorable looks wise and would look stunning on the kitchen side, but also because I gather they're very good. We made do for years with just a hand whisk and now we have a rather sad electric hand whisk where only one beater works. That would be quite an ask, perhaps it's more of a dream really lol. But that is genuinely what I would wish for if a kitchen fairy/genie/elf type personage came my way.

    I hope you treat yourself to something lovely with your voucher


  5. Oh Fairy Hobmother.....I have a great big ol family of 6 (4 kids, two so called "adults") and we have to cope with a teeny weeny little freezer. My biggest wish is to have a chest freezer for us. We are just not coping! (Really we have three tiny little drawers - NOT enough for a weekly shop! nightmare...)

    I can just imagine all the super stuff I could freeze....*sighs dreamily*

    What an amazing and generous man Ian is!

  6. thats really nice, a much appreciated gift for you. my wish is for a yoghurt maker ( see post http://fun-as-a-gran.blogspot.com/2011_05_01_archive.html)

  7. Wow, everywhere I look the Appliance Fairy is "spreading joy".

    I live in a rented house with built in appliances so there isn't really any appliance the Fairy Hobmother could bring me.

  8. Lovely - I want a little help in reducing the number of items saved in my Amazon basket - currently about 550+ things that have caught my eye without my bank account agreeing that I could have them... A voucher would be nice!

  9. Isn't this great? He sent me a beautiful baking book and I'm still so chuffed with it. Not that I need an excuse to eat cake, but still, it's nice to have one.

  10. Getting surprise gifts is always lovely.
    My wish right now would be a day of pure relaxation with no kids around - I love all 4 of them dearly but would like a little me time. Spend free time doing household chores as OH works for himself which means working ALL the time!

  11. Wow if the fairy hobmother visited me it would surely be a treat to receive anything! Especially baking themed - you know my little Miss H eagerly participates and its one of the few tasks where her disability doesnt matter!

  12. Second time I've heard about this fairy giftgiver this week! Well done Ian.

    I am too sleep deprived and tired to think what I'd like for my kitchen. We're heaving with cookbooks, maybe an extra hour each evening to experiment on better fairy cakes...



  13. @Robyn Clarke it doesnt have to be something they sell it says ( or did last time I read it) and you may ask for item X and get item Z instead...all good fun and a great surprise

  14. I love this idea and the happiness that the fairy hobmother spreads. I hate to say that everything in our kitchen is working, becuase no sooner I say it something will flatline I'm sure, but if the hobmother does small appliances I'd love something that would be good for making cakes/ mixing!

  15. Hobmother, Hobmother, spread some joy
    In the shape of a tumble dryer or coffee maker
    I know, i am sorry, these are expensive toys
    But i am tired with washing the size of crater!

    *I am no poet. But it was a damn good try :-)

  16. This is a lovely idea! I would love to have a proper kitchen mixer, or a kitchenAid. I have had my Mum's old mixer form the 1970s for the last 5 years now. She keeps asking for it back so that she can do some baking. She not big into baking but wants to be able to have a go at making some cakes for her only grandchild! Since i'm blogging all the time I never give it back to her as I need is so desperately and being a stay at home Mum I don't have the pennies to buy my own at the moment. Please could I have a new one so I can return hers?

  17. hmmm should it not be the hob father? I think its a lovely idea and its really nice he came to visit you.

  18. The Fairy Hobmother sounds like a lovely man! Hmm that sounds a bit odd! As they say it's always better to give than to receive....though I would willingly receive and Amazon voucher if it would make Hobmother feel better! :)

    I have been dreaming, drooling and desperately longing for a Kitchenaid mixer. The lady that demostrates them in John Lewis knows me and my children by name now!

    Thank you Ian *cough* Hobmother for being such a generous fairy.

  19. I think he's fantastic - as are his company!

    I would just like some peace and harmony in the world, failing that in our house or failing that some Green and Black's Chocolate would be nice!!


  20. Oh the Fairy Hobmother (should it be Hobfather?) is so generous, karma is a wonderful thing so I hope something comes his way soon!!

    I'm just getting into baking (yummy) and so is Chloe and our mixer broke the other week so I've love one of those bowl mixers to take pride of place on the side. And it would mean I'd just *have* to bake cakes all the time! xx

  21. Hobmother hobmother my biggest wish,
    An appliance to create a tasty hot dish,
    Something yummy, something scrummy,
    To help fill up a hungry tummy,
    A new oven would make my life so much better,
    I promise I'll write a thank you letter!

  22. My food processor is more than 20 years old now and it's in use every day, sometimes several times. The goblets are cracked and the blades blunt, and all the numbers have worn off the dials it's been cleaned so often. I'd be so happy if one appeared under my pillow one morning!

  23. I love your new blog layout, the cutlery on the side bars are awesome. Congrats on the Amazon voucher!Can you post a Lolly cake recipe? Bx


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