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Ryvita Crackers Review

Wednesday 11 May 2011
When I was asked to review some new Ryvita crackers I jumped at the chance.  The main image conjured up in my mind when Ryvita is mentioned was their crispbread that looked and tasted like cardboard when I tasted some years ago.  I really wanted to give the new crackers a go to try and change my impression of Ryvita products.

I was sent a really fabulous hamper with two boxes of the new Ryvita Crackers (both the black pepper flavour and the golden rye), three gorgeous cheeses and some delicious chutney. Once I opened the box I was really delighted to discover the cracker packaged in handy little packets of 6 crackers within the large box, so you are always going to get nice crispy crackers.   

I thought the new Ryvita crackers were delicious and so did my three daughters and husband.  The black pepper ones were not really to my taste but my husband liked them, and I the girls and I loved the golden rye variety.

The crackers are delicious, light and crispy.  They have enough flavour to be tasty enough to eat on their own without cheese. My daughters liked them as a snack and I would be happy to include a pack in their lunchboxes.  My husband took some of the black pepper crackers to work for his lunch with some strong cheddar and he reported back that they were delicious and could I please buy some more.

So the overwhelming verdict from us is that they are delicous, light, crispy and will  most definitely be added to our grocery list on a regular basis.

I was sent the Ryvita Crackers as part of a hamper (contents shown in the above photo) free of charge for review purposes. 


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