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Our Family Meal Plan for week of 29/01/18 - £60

Sunday, 28 January 2018
Our week this week is a very busy one.  Monday and Tuesday nights we'll all be eating at different times, and the same on Wednesday and Friday.  This means the slow cooker will be very useful, dinner cooks itself with very little faffing, and as it's great for keeping food warm until we need it.  

Breakfasts this week will be toast with spread, or porridge/overnight oats and fruit for afters.  Our weekend breakfasts will include crumpets one morning and pancakes the next.

Packed lunches will be falafel wraps with fruit, and a small baked treat.  I'll make the wraps/flatbreads over the weekend then freeze half for later in the week.  After school snacks will be popcorn and small portions of rice pudding.  

Weekend lunches will be Spicy Roast Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup on Saturday, and Spicy Vegetable 'Noodle' Soup on Sunday.  We'll have homemade bread rolls with the soup both days.


I'll be using the dinners from this Meal Plan which we used at roughly the same time last year.  It will be a vegetarian week for us this week, which will help us use up some store cupboard items, and it's always good to have a completely meat-free week occasionally. 

The dinners will be:

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Dhal (Vegan)

Slow Cooker Vegetable and Bean Chilli

Slow Cooker Veggie Bolognese (Vegan)

Slow Cooker Root Vegetable Hotpot (Vegan)

Bean Burgers with Coleslaw and Potato Wedges (Vegetarian)

Macaroni Cheese

Mixed Vegetable Crustless Quiche with Coleslaw and Potato Wedges

Shopping List

42 items: £60.37

Tins, Jars and Cooking
3x   ASDA Smartprice Chopped Tomatoes (400g)                       87p
2x   ASDA Chilli Beans in Chilli Sauce (290g)                              80p
1x   ASDA Smartprice Mayonnaise (500g)                                  40p
1x   ASDA Smartprice Strawberry Jam (454g)                             28p
7x   ASDA Chick Peas in Water (400g)                                       £2.31
1x   Napolina Double Concentrate Tomato Puree (200g)              75p
1x   ASDA Stock Cubes - Vegetable (12x10g)                             39p
2x   ASDA Mixed Bean Salad (290g)                                           80p
1x   Sun-Pat Crunchy Peanut Butter No Added Sugar (454g)       £2.00

Dairy and Eggs
5x   ASDA British Whole Milk 4 Pints (2.27L)                              £5.45
1x   ASDA Free Range Large Eggs (12)                                     £1.85
3x   ASDA Smartprice Low Fat Natural Yogurt (500g)                  £1.35
1x   ASDA Smartprice Mature White Cheddar (830g)                   £3.69

Packets and Cereals
1x   ASDA Strong White Bread Flour (1.5Kg)                              69p
1x   ASDA Wholemeal Bread Flour (1.5Kg)                                 69p
1x   ASDA Easy Bake Yeast (6 per pack - 42g)                           59p
1x   ASDA Wholewheat Penne (500g)                                         55p
1x   ASDA Dried Red Lentils (500g)                                            75p
1x   ASDA Scottish Porridge Oats (1Kg)                                     99p

Fruit and Vegetables
3x   ASDA Kids Bananas (8)                                                       £3.45
1     ASDA Grower's Selection Red Cabbage by Weight (1.3Kg)   85p
1x   ASDA Grower's Selection Salad Tomatoes (750g)                £1.15
2x   ASDA Grower's Selection Carrots (1Kg)                               £1.00
1     ASDA Grower's Selection Butternut Squash (1.2Kg)             90p
2x   ASDA Grower's Selection Whole Cucumber                          £1.10
1x   ASDA Grower's Selection Celery                                          55p
1x   ASDA Grower's Selection Garlic (3)                                     60p
2x   ASDA Grower's Selection Sweet Potatoes (1Kg)                   £2.00
1x   ASDA Grower's Selection Ginger (125g)                              50p
2x   ASDA Grower's Selection Apples (1.2Kg)                             £3.00
4x   ASDA Farm Stores Pears (500g)                                         £2.80
1x   ASDA Grower's Selection British Parsnips (500g)                 65p
1x   ASDA Grower's Selection Vegetable Stir Fry (650g)             £1.50
1x   ASDA Grower's Selection Extra Trimmed Leeks (550g)        £1.00
1x   ASDA Farm Stores Brown Onions (1Kg)                               59p
1x   ASDA Farm Stores White Potatoes (2.5Kg)                          £1.15
4x   ASDA Farm Stores Plums (400g)                                         £2.00
3x   ASDA Farm Stores Round Lettuce                                       £1.20
2x   ASDA Farm Stores Mixed Peppers (3)                                 £1.98
1     ASDA Grower's Selection White Cabbage by Weight (1Kg)   65p
2x   ASDA Grower's Selection Sweetclems (1.2Kg)                     £3.80

1x   ASDA Frozen for Freshness Berry Medley (1Kg)                  £2.75

Prices and special offers reflect those of the online grocery website My Supermarket, and are correct as of 28th January 2018.  Prices may vary in different in-store locations.

We shopped via Asda online for our groceries, had we purchased our items elsewhere our shopping would've cost:

£68.81 from Morrisons
£74.46 from Tesco
£74.51 from Sainsbury's

My lovely blogging buddy Ciara from My Fussy Eater has created a fab Meal Planning Facebook Group so we can inspire each other.

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  1. The butternut squash Daal looks lovely!

  2. Sounds like you've got some fantastic meals planned again! Thanks for linking up x


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