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I'll be back soon . . . . . . hopefully

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Apologies for being AWOL from my blog recently.

I've had a sinus and eye infection for 3 weeks.  The rest of the family have also had a cold virus that has been hard to shift and my usual cheerful, smiley and jovial bubs is teething. This means disturbed sleep, a very unhappy bubs and a very tired me.  Hubby has also gone back to work, which is great news but he's really tired getting back into the swing of things.

Poor bubs has been so grumpy and clingy with teething and his cold.  I can't leave him to grizzle, it breaks my heart. I do like all of the extra cuddles despite getting slightly panicked about not being able to do much else other than feed and cuddle bubs and keep the house ticking over.  He also had his immunisations once his cold was almost better which meant he's got another temperature and is once again very cling.

I have a backlog of recipes and other posts to publish when I can get some time to sort them out.  Quite a few are half written in a few minutes snatched here and there when bubs is sleeping.  Hopefully bubs will be his happy self again soon and all the other ills of the house will disappear so I can get my blog back on track.


  1. I hope you all feel better soon! Your eye looks so sore x

  2. What a gorgeous baby. The eye picture....not so gorgeous you poor thing. Don't stress, cuddles and ticking over is just perfect. X

  3. Hi! Don't worry! I am having fun looking back over recipes and copying your meal plans! Love the pikelets, brownies, soups and casseroles in particular. Thank you for your help feeding my family cheaply!


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