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Seven Vegetable One Pot

Wednesday, 13 August 2014
Quick Cook Organic Grains & Pulses

I was sent some Clearspring Quick Cook Organic Grains and Pulses to try.  The combination of cereals, peas and lentils are designed to provide a delicious yet healthy addition to any meal. Steam and hot air are used to precook the grains and reduce cooking time by two thirds whilst retaining the nutritional content.  Each pack takes only 10 minutes to cook.

We are used to eating quite a lot of wholegrains and pulses normally but I have been including even more in our meals since being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes a few weeks ago.  These Clearspring Quick Cook Grains are so handy to have in the pantry and very versatile too.  Whether you are making summer salads, autumn stews or hearty thick soups the Quick Cook mixes are so convenient and tasty.

I used up quite a few vegetables from our fridge in this recipe, a perfect way to ensure you clean out the vegetable drawer before shopping day.  My children loved this hearty yet light dinner, which fed 5 of us generously, and provided two lunches as well.

This is a fab meal which also freezes well, great for stashing in the freezer for those nights when you can't face cooking but want a wholesome dinner.  I've frozen a batch for when bubs is born so I can serve a dinner packed with vegetables and protein with very little effort. 

Seven Vegetable One Pot

1 pack Clearspring Quick Cook Grains and Pulses or 250g cooked lentils/pearl barley
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 leeks, finely sliced
2 courgettes, diced
1 aubergine, diced
2 peppers, diced
2 sticks celery, diced
2 carrots, peeled and diced
500ml pasta sauce, I used homemade

Saute the vegetables in a little oil until softened.  Add the cooked grains and pulses and pasta sauce.  Simmer for a few minutes then serve. 


  1. That looks really beautiful and super healthy. Loving the sound of the quick cook grains and pulses. Must try them.

  2. Mm this sounds lovely! I'm loving all these quick cook grains - such a great, versatile idea!


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