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Holiday Baking Session at Cambridge Cookery School

Friday, 21 February 2014
My younger two daughters attended the Cakes and Bakes course for 7 - 11 year olds at Cambridge Cookery School over half term.  Instead of cakes they learnt to make and bake two different bread doughs.

Liz and Tracey were their tutors, patient and calm throughout, explaining each recipe and process along with alternative ways to use and adapt the recipes.

There were 12 children on the 2 hour course and they worked in pairs.  My two daughters worked with other children as they were in no mood to work together.  The first recipe was a basic white bread dough which was made in to filled calzone and a Tear and Share loaf coated with seeds.  The second recipe was a sweet, saffron infused dough made into a plaited ring and decorated with coloured crushed sugar chunks.

I was expecting my daughters to bake a cake but both were happy with the bread making and baking practise.  This course would suit those who don't bake at home very often or those who want to get to grips with baking breads.  The course cost £45 for 2 hours of tuition and tasty treats to take home.


  1. I think it's good they didn't do cakes to be honest. I think it's too easy for kids to think that's all cooking is about. Bread making is a great skill to learn young

  2. Ted would love this. And I agree teaching kids how to make bread is excellent life skill. Admittedly mine is only aware how it works with the bread machine as I hate kneading but at least he knows what goes in it.


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