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Our Meal Plan this week - a recycled plan £60

Sunday 14 July 2013
I didn't blog a meal plan last week, the weekend went far too quickly, was far too hot, and we watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon so I ran out of time. *hangs head in shame* We did follow a Meal Plan, I just didn't share it with you all.  My humblest apologies.

This weekend the weather has been extremely hot, over 30 degrees C both days, and the week ahead is going to be very hot too.  When the weather is very warm we all get tired and cross and energy is sapped by the stifling humidity.   There's also our allotment and back garden watering to fit in as well which is another reason that dinners need to be low faff and sometimes portable.

Our dinners this week will be from this Meal Plan, low faff and easy to fit in around everything else.  I'm not in London at all this week, I turned down 3 events to spend the week here, and am working the usual two nights.  There are several school events to fit in and an evening meeting too.  

My 3 daughters will be having school dinners and my husband and I will be having leftover dinner for our lunch.  I shall blog any baked treats I manage to rustle up without melting in our hot kitchen.

I watched The Great British Budget Menu on iplayer as I didn't catch it on the night it was broadcast.  I will be devising some low cost Meal Plans costing £1 per person per day, £1.50 per person per day and £2 per person per day.  I will blog these along with a rant about the programme.  Keep an eye on my blog later this week for that post.

Don't forget to check out other Meal Plans on the At Home With Mrs M linkly.


  1. It is so much harder to meal plan when the weather is warmer...I struggled this week!
    Sounds like you have a busy week! Have a good one x

  2. Your meal plans are always amazing :-)


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