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More Gardening Adventures - Planting Winter Veg

Tuesday, 2 October 2012
It was just my friend and I on gardening duty this afternoon and we prepared one bed for planting, dug through some compost and planted some greens and Brassicas.

Next time we shall be preparing another 2 vegetable beds, digging through compost and planting more greens and Brassicas in one of them.  We surrounded the plants with broken up egg shells that were diligently collected and then covered the whole lot with netting made from cheap (50p) net curtains sewn together.

There are 5 vegetable beds so three will be weeded, dug over, covered and left alone for the winter.

The results of our this afternoon

It was a fun but tiring couple of hours.  We spent an hour afterwards working on a Gardening Planner tool to plan what we will grow in Spring and Summer and also ordering compost.  We were browsing chicken coops too as we will get chooks in the Spring.  Recommendations for coops suitable for 4 - 6 chickens that is fox and badger proof would be most welcome. 

Our lovely seedlings and the second vegetable bed waiting to be prepared.

We planted some Red Curly Kale, Green Curly Kale, Tatsoi, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and a couple of  Cauliflower.

There are still Red and White Cabbages, more Cauliflower, Spinach and Purple Sprouting Broccoli left to plant once more compost arrives and we prepare the second vegetable bed.

It's amazing how effective old net curtains can be at detering pigeons from eating our seedlings.

My 3 daughters should be helping out after school next time, we need to make sure we have enough garden tools for all of us beforehand.  Their reward will be some baking to fuel our efforts (of course!) and free reign raiding the many raspberry canes in the front garden of my friends house. 


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