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I completed my PME Cake Decorating Diploma!

Monday 19 March 2012
Today was the last class of the last module of my PME Diploma course.  I passed!  I am so relieved and rather chuffed.  A HUGE amount of thanks to my Mum for paying the course costs, and some of the equipment costs, and also Scott my tutor at Authentic Cakes who is the most patient and lovely man.  I could not have asked for a better tutor to guide me through the course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, even though at times I found techniques somewhat difficult, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a thorough grounding in cake decorating skills.

There are three modules: Sugarpaste, Royal Icing and Flowers.  The courses are really comprehensive and I now have a wide range of skills to inflict on the cake buying public. LOL

After being rather nervous about my cake decorating ability, and rather scared at people actually offering me money to bake and decorate cakes for them, I think I am slowly getting used to being paid for my efforts.

I've had a few orders for cakes and now have a enough booked for the next two months to keep me as busy as I would like to be.  I love baking cakes and now I love decorating them too.  I enjoy the creative process but can be too much of a perfectionist sometimes LOL

The legendary Squires Kitchen recently sent me some cake decorating goodies.  I was sent some colouring pastes, dusts, a silicone fairy mould and a couple of other lovely things which will help me make my middle daughters 9th birthday cake this week.

All will be revealed on the weekend after her flower fairies themed 9th Birthday Party.

In the meantime, here are some gerberas, carnations and lillies that we made in the last class today:

Carnation, thanks to my hubby for taking this photo

Gerbera during class today

More gerberas from today

Calla lillies and ivy, photo taken on my phone tonight

I shall blog my daughters 9th birthday cake and also ideas and recipes for frugal party food over the weekend.


  1. That Mothers' Day cake looks gorgeous!

  2. Wow, they look incredible, Diploma or not you certainly have a touch for these things.

  3. How amazing! I would love to do this course! I went to the Squires show a few weeks ago and it was stunning. I hear you're coming to Leith's this week - will see you there!

  4. Wow! Those flowers look so real and not at all edible (that's a compliment by the way!). Well done you. You should be thoroughly proud of yourself.

  5. That cake is wonderful! And I had to look and look again at the flowers, I could swear they are real. How do you get them to look so delicate?!

  6. Congratulations, Michelle! Your sugarpaste flowers are incredibly realisic! I'm so pleased for you that you are getting paid work through this avenue already, too.

  7. wouah ! congrats...you have really a thing at crafty things...


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