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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Forman & Field - Delicious Hampers!

I was recently sent, for the purposes of review, a hamper of Forman & Field goodies to try.  Despite this being a family food blog, I do sometimes have some rather more expensive gourmet foodie tastes so I jumped at the chance to sample some gourmet treats.  Who wouldn't?!

Forman & Field which launched in 2002, is a fine food mail order company specialising in fresh traditional British produce from small independent producers. They share their premises in East London with their parent company, H. Forman & Son, which is a 100 year old family business supplying smoked salmon, caviar and other smoked and fresh fish to the world's leading hotels and finest restaurants.
They very posh indeed!
Their produce is divine, so decadent and delicious!  There is no way I would use them for my weekly shop, unless I won a significant amount on the lottery, but for special occasions and gifts they are a food lovers delight.
I especially like the look of the Cheese Hampers - along with most of the other hampers!
So if you want an extra special present for someone who likes fine food then look no further than Forman & Field.

A Hamper for Two
Photo courtesy of Forman & Field

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