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How to carve a Christmas Turkey - With tips and video from Colemans

Thursday, 15 December 2011
A little while ago I reviewed Colman's instant gravy paste and it was rather delicious!  I've been sent a fab Turkey Carving Masterclass video from the lovely people at Colman's.  We all like to serve up professional looking plates of food on Christmas day to impress friends and reatives.  If you've slaved for hours over your Christmas dinner and want to present your efforts in the best way possible, be sure to know how to carve your turkey properly!

Carving the turkey is one of those jobs everyone wants to have a go at, but not many people actually know how it ought to be done.

Colman’s top tips for carving the perfect Christmas turkey

Once you’ve carefully prepared your turkey, leave it to stand for 20 minutes before you carve

Put the turkey on a solid, clean chopping board and make sure you have a sharp carving knife and meat fork

Cut the kitchen twine off the legs and discard – try not to get your Christmas best’s dirty as the twine can often spring off when cut!

Remove each leg by cutting through the joint where the leg attaches to the body

Separate the drumstick and thigh by cutting each leg through the joint (wiggle the leg to locate the joint)

Don’t rush to remove the wings just yet - this will make the turkey very unstable for the rest of the caving – the wings act as stabilisers!

Run your fingers along the thigh and shred the meat from the bone – look out for the ultimate turkey gem – the Oyster, this is usually the chefs favourite

Using a knife and your fingers, loosen and remove the wishbone (this makes it easier to cut off the breast meat), and to make your wishes come true this Christmas pull the wishbone with your friends and family!

Carve the breasts across the grain. Cut only what you think you’ll need for the initial round of servings, leaving the rest of the meat on the carcass. The meat loses moisture once it’s sliced

Serve with lashings of Colman’s Instant Gravy!


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