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The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches - Review

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches is written by Susan Russo, who writes for NPR's Kitchen Window, and also blogs at Food Blogga. Susan Russo's Encyclopedia of Sandwiches includes everything from "recipes to history to trivia for everything between sliced bread."

This cookbook offers recipes for over 100 sandwiches from the Vegetarian Caprese Sandwich, to the artery hardening All-in-One Breakfast Sandwich made with waffles, bacon, hash-browns, eggs and maple syrup, to the deliciously decadent Muffinwich, Poundcake Sandwich and Banana Split Sandwich.

In our household my husband's daily packed lunch always consists of a bagel with the same fillings on it, or leftovers from the previous night's dinner. This book has inspired him to branch out in to more interesting choices, just as long as I make his lunches for him, otherwise he still makes the same thing.  I always try to make the kids lunches interesting and flavourful but my husband has always escaped change, no excuses now for him though.  What is great  about this book is that all the thinking has been done for me.  I can choose a few ideas, using ingredients I already have, or can create feasts simply by adding a few things to my shopping list.  Our packed lunches are much tastier and more exciting since having a good read through The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches over a cuppa.

I really like the fact that each sandwich recipe has some explanation and history.  It makes it an interesting read, not just recipes for sandwiches. I think The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches is a must for makers of packed lunches because the book is not just loads of recipes, but loads of fun too.  Sandwiches are a part of our daily lives, so we should make sure we have a bit of variety and inspiration.  Mix things up a bit, try something different, and make sure we don't keep on eating the same sandwich everyday.

Give the book a read, I highly recommend it!


  1. "Sandwiches are a part of our daily lives, so we should make sure we have a bit of variety and inspiration." I so much agree to that!I love sandwiches,and now I wish I had this book!
    P.S. That was a nice read.Thank you for sharing.:-)


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