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Honey, Lemon, and Ginger Drink, natural cold/flu soother

Tuesday, 16 October 2018
It's that time of year again, lots of colds and sniffles about, tickly sore throats too.  Having four children at three different schools, and a husband who travels to and from work on the bus, there's lots of potential for us all to catch the latest cold/flu/cough that is doing the rounds.

I've been making this drink for my family for years, so simple and tasty, yet so soothing for those with the lurgy.

You can chill the drink and have it cold, or drink it warm, whichever you prefer.  Don't pay for special cold/flu relief drinks, this mug of goodness costs pennies and contains only natural ingredients..

Honey, Lemon, and Ginger Drink

Makes 2 generous mugs

Juice of 1 lemon, or 4 Tblsp lemon juice
2 pinches of ground cinnamon (optional)
2 pinches of ground turmeric
1cm piece ginger, very thinly sliced or grated
2 Tblsp honey, or more to taste (substitute for vegan alternative, if necessary)
Boiling water, cooled for 5 minutes
A few fresh mint leaves (optional)

Divide the ingredients between two mugs, add enough hot water to fill each mug, then sip slowly to soothe. Alternatively leave the mixture to cool, chill in the fridge and drink chilled.


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