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#NoDullDays with Bassetts Multivitamins

Sunday, 5 November 2017
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I've realised, particularly in the last 18 months, that having a son is so much different to having daughters. My son is a bundle of energy, reluctant to stay still for very long, loves the outdoors, and he's always trying to figure out how to climb or dismantle nearby objects. There are certainly #nodulldays in our household! 

A trip to the zoo over the summer, he liked the playground as much as the animals

Having an active preschooler means we're usually out and about at least once a day no matter what the weather. I've made sure he's got proper clothing for outdoor adventures that keeps him warm and dry, there's no stopping him from jumping into puddles or throwing leaves about.

Fun at the local park, rain or shine
We're fortunate to have a large common near by, and a couple of fab playgrounds, as well as going on the school run each day. It can be hard to motivate ourselves to get out and about, particularly if the weather is grey and dreary, as it is frequently of the time in the UK between October and March. We cherish the bright and crisp days, just to see the sun, even if the temperature is rather chilly.

Gathering up Autumn leaves to put in the green bin
Since our UK weather is so gloomy, Department of Health experts now recommend that during autumn and winter everyone should consider taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of Vitamin D to protect bone and muscle health. My husband and I, and the older 3  children, all take a multivitamin containing Vitamin D.  Thanks to Bassetts Vitamins 3-6 Multivitamins +Vitamin D and Calcium, our preschooler boy can get his all important daily Vitamin D during the autumn and winter months.

Vitamin D and Calcium are important for children’s development. They each help to support healthy muscle function, healthy teeth and healthy bones - in fact, Vitamin D and Calcium are both necessary for normal bone growth and development in children. 

My preschool boy thought the vitamins were delicious, and happily has one each day.  My older three are slightly jealous that their multivitamins are not as tasty and appealing!

Bassetts Vitamins 3-6 Multivitamins +Vitamin D and Calcium have all the benefits of a standard multivitamin, but with added Vitamin D and Calcium in a delicious Peach and Apricot flavour. And, what’s more, they've been made with natural flavours and colours, and no added sugar. RRP £5.50 for pack of 30 pastilles

Bassetts Vitamins have also created a discount code that you can use to get £2 off one pack of NEW Bassetts 3-6 Yrs Multivitamins Peach & Apricot + Calcium 30s at Boots.com. All you need to do is sign in as normal, apply the code BASSMVS2 at the checkout and embrace #NoDullDays  You can only use the code once per transaction, and the code can only be redeemed on the first 5,000 valid claims until 23:59 on 12th November. *Subject to Boots Terms  and Conditions.

*Sponsored Post*
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