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Waitrose "Pick Your Own Offers"

Monday, 22 June 2015
Waitrose have launched a new scheme called “Pick Your Own Offers” which lets customers pick which groceries they would like to save money on every time they shop. myWaitrose members can choose ten products from a list of nearly a thousand that they’d like to save 20% on. The products range from everyday buys like toilet roll and eggs to treats like selected biscuits and ice cream. The products chosen will have 20% off every time you shop from now until the end of the Summer.

My Picks are:

Waitrose Aberdeen Angus beef mince,15% fat 454g - great for homemade burgers, koftas, meatballs, spicy lettuce cups, stir fries - so versatile.

Essential Waitrose British small whole chicken 1.2kg - another versatile item, joint then marinate, roast whole then use leftovers for salads and stir fries or pasties/tarts for picnics.

Waitrose LOVE life mixed nuts 400g - great for snacking, salads, nut butters and for making energy bars to take out and about.

Essential Waitrose aubergines - great for grilling, stuffing, putting in salads and of course making Baba Ghanoush.

Waitrose Duchy Organic salad potatoes 1.5kg - baked, roasted or boiled these spuds can be cooked and served many ways with lots of different flavours added.

Essential Waitrose Frozen wild caught cooked & peeled prawns 350g - great for a quick dinner with pasta, in a stir fry or in/with salad.

Capricorn English goats cheese 100g - great versatile ingredient for use in salads, on tarts or pizzas or in vegetable bake.

Waitrose British Blacktail large free range eggs 6s - great for breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes. Hard boiled for picnics, sliced in salads or sandwiches, make quiche or frittata too.

Belvoir elderflower cordial 500ml - the taste of summer in a bottle, great for mocktails and cocktails too.

Waitrose continental plain chocolate 100g - great for snacking on, making puddings or baking with.

What will your picks be? Pop over to Waitrose and take a look! 

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