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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Wholegrain Goodness - What happens when you ask kids to follow a healthy recipe?

I'm really lucky that my children aren't fussy eaters.  There's probably only one or two things they will flatly refuse to eat but on the whole they are willing to try almost anything and we eat a wide variety of foods.  

I know for some parents getting kids to eat healthily can be a daily battle.  It can be exhausting trying to convince them that vegetables and wholegrains are good for them and are delicious.  I find getting kids to help prepare the food helps, as does serving vegetables prepared in different ways.  For example, my youngest daughter would happily munch on raw carrots and much prefers them to cooked carrots. 

Wholegrain Goodness is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of healthy wholegrains.  They recently undertook a survey that revealed that three in ten children think healthy eating is boring, a quarter think healthy food doesn’t taste nice and nearly two thirds don’t think it’s important to eat healthily. 

I think that a big issue may be the lack of experience children have of preparing food with only a quarter regularly help make meals, with twice as many boys than girls having never helped prepare a family meal. Despite this, more than one in three say they would like to cook more. 

To show how much kids can enjoy cooking Wholegrain Goodness let six children loose in a professional kitchen with a wholegrain pizza recipe, the result is a lot of fun and the video is worth a watch:

The video features a Wholegrain Goodness recipe: Vegetable and Salsa Verde Scone Pizza – with just 451 calories per serving, as well as two portions of wholegrain and three of your 5 A Day.

You can also search their online recipe index which contains with surprisingly good, healthy recipes for the whole family.

Find all you need to know about wholegrain, oats and rapeseed oil, including recipes and nutritional information at WholegrainGoodness.com – an independent, not-for-profit campaign launched by HGCA.

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