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What's your Perfect Night In?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014
What's your ideal menu for a Perfect Night In?
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Now that Autumn is upon us and the nights are drawing in earlier it makes me want to be warm and cosy at home rather than out and about in the great British weather.  As a family we enjoy spending one night a week, usually Saturday night, watching a movie or favourite TV programme together.  My 3 girls really like to watch Strictly Come Dancing so dinner that night is deliberately chosen so it's quick to prepare and we can eat it whilst sitting on the sofa. 

Our favourite television night dinners are Homemade Pizza, Calzone, Burgers (either vegetarian or beef), Homemade Fish and Chips or Spicy Vegetable Parcels.

My perfect night in would involve a takeaway with a decadent dessert, no cooking or washing dishes, the kids not bickering over anything and me being able to eat dinner whilst it's hot instead of having to tend to a newborn who seems to need feeding right on dinnertime. 

Sainsbury's are asking everyone to think about their Perfect Night in and tell them about it.  There's a fab prize draw with a great prize of a 40" HDTV, £250 of Sainsbury's vouchers, and 10 DVDs all you have to do is tell Sainsbury's what your perfect night in involves. 

To help inspire you and give you ideas for keeping you and your family entertained at home, Sainsbury's have created some fun and easy activities for the family to get involved in. Check out their crafty garden ideas and other guides.

What's your Perfect Night In?

*I was compensated by Sainsbury's for promoting this prize draw*


  1. My perfect night in is probably a relatively relaxed dinner party with friends.

    It's so much less complicated when everyone just comes round your house to chill out.

    Dinner parties for me are a good excuse to get a little dressed up, eat some delicious food and drink plenty of wine BUT you don't have to worry about the cost of the restaurant or bar, taxis home etc.

    That would be my perfect night in :-)

    1. That sounds great :) Make sure you enter the prize draw on the Sainsbury's website x

  2. Have entered Michelle - fingers crossed:-)

  3. You know, I don't think I've ever stepped foot in a Sainsbury's in my life. We have none on my little island! I hope you manage to eat a hot meal again soon Michelle :)


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