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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The new and amazing Cricut Explore!

I was really excited to attend a sneak preview of the new Cricut Explore machine.  I already have a Cricut Mini which is fab for general paper crafts, card making, precise cutting and cutting vinyl and iron on vinyl but it is limited in what it can do and you can't use your own designs.  

However, with the new Cricut Explore not only can you upload your own designs it can cut 50 or more different materials.  I was slightly mindblown at the crafting possibilities!

There's a built in pen slot and writing option so the Cricut Explore can write on your creations in a wide range of fonts.

When using the Cricut mini you had to manually select the cutting depth depending on the thickness of your material.  This was a real pain and involved lots of experimentation which caused wastage of craft materials before I figured out the right cutting depth.  Thankfully this issue has been resolved because the new Explore has an easy dial to select the material you're cutting, simple!

Cricut have been working with designers and bloggers and have created a wide range of projects so you can get creating straight away.  Simply by browse their image gallery, find a project, click on it and all the material requirements are shown so you can get started making it yourself.  The projects can also be customised to tailor them to your tastes.  There's also an extensive image and project library, accessible via subscription, or you can upload you own images or create your own projects.

Here's some of the projects that were made with the Cricut Explore and were on display at the launch event:
Intricate bunting, perfect for parties!

Customising clothing is easy, fun and quick
Halloween decorating made easy!
Christmas decorations, cards, gifts and place settings all made with the Cricut Explore.

Beautiful, delicate butterflies affixed to a gown

I had a great time at the event and we've created a few projects at home with the machine.  It is easy to use, my 3 daughters love it!

A gorgeous bouquet made from craft paper

11yo customised her t-shirt

7yo also customised her t-shirt

We're looking forward to sharing more projects with you that we've created using the Cricut Explore.  The Cricut Explore is available from Amazon and Hobbycraft.

Disclosure: I received a Cricut Explore to review and create projects with.  All opinions are my own.

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